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Editing Table Links?[edit source]

With the advent of the new FS website, it seems that wikilinks to all FS-related URLs need to be updated.

How does one update links within tables in the current article? BrklynBridge 21:29, 17 December 2010 (UTC)

The link for the 1890 Partial index of New York Census does not work.  Would you please either fix the link or remove it. This has been used as a feature article once, but we would like to use it again since it is outstanding.

Thanks for your hard work.

 Featured Article Committee members

The On-line Federal Non-Population Schedules for New York, headings: 1850 Mortality Family Search Link and 1890 Veterans Family Search Images do not work.  Would it be possible for you to fix the links?

We appreciate your efforts,

Featured Article Committee members