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Manchester Our Lady & St George and St Denys Cathedral was the ancient or "mother" parish of Manchester City. By 1890, there were at least 160-plus ecclesiastical churches and chapelries (Church of England) within its large boundary, subdividing it during the Industrial Revolution from 1740 to 1900, which exploded its population.

The current Manchester, Lancashire Genealogy page seems to be a generic page and containing a few links to records for what is the complex, vast region in the realm. I recommend this page contents be migrated where usable--with or into the Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys Genealogy page. It's recommended that the MOLSGASDG page be the go-to page representative of all that's available for Greater Manchester. Then delete this current page so that it does not confuse users as to the real available offering of resources, links, addresses and all attached chapels and ecclesiastical churches found therein. Note: This current page is not a parish page, unlike all the rest of Manchester's and Lancashire parish pages in general.

OR, if this page must be kept, then may it be recommended that (like this current page, each parish page bears a link up at the top of page) ensure that all of Manchester parish and chapelry pages provide a link--at the top of every page--to the Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys Genealogy page to ensure all Manchester researchers/users are able to discover and take advantage of all the available rich resources (i.e. especially the Church Records links) found here in the F.S. Wiki for greater Manchester--which is England's largest parish boundary. However, I would suggest that simply because there's a link at the top of each parish page (Manchester), doesn't automatically mean that each Wiki user will see and click to discover/find i.e. the critical links to Greater Manchester parish pages found in Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys Genealogy page (and with links to other records).

Hypothetical scenario:

If I am a researcher with Manchurian ancestors and am searching the pre-1837 (pre-Civil Registration) time period, emphasizing church registers research, and don't know where to start my research in and knowing only that 'My ancestor says she was born in "Manchester"', what page possesses that which is most needed to learn where to go to discover and search ALL of Greater Manchester's church registers--online--if possible? Or, Census records, or to get a historical summary of each Manchester church, and links to other records?