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Land Tax[edit source]

Examination of the original bundles compared to the 1987 microfilm description which in turn informed the catalogue entry in the Family History Library it is clear that the information provided is fairly crude. The Parish area here is extensive and the period 1780-1832 includes several lathes and hundreds within the parish area.

The presentation of images is unsophisticated and the initial information provided in England, Kent, Land Tax Assessments - FamilySearch Historical Records lacks any explanation of the reason for a series of records in an area which overlaps such court and tax boundaries.

Further research to develop a simple explanation of the records surviving and reason for a series of image presentations is necessary for this and many other parishes.Penshurst 08:48, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

When Geoff Pack on behalf of the Genealogical Society of Utah negotiated microfilming in the Kent Archive in the 1980's as I recall the microfilming of this series was problematic. The microfilm operator recorded minimal available information from the archive catalogue and the archivist offered supplementary information. I very much doubt that this entered the Family History Library entries for the record series which now constitutes the Family History Library film listing although there are hints of the archivist knowledge within some of the entries which are more geared to items on each microfilm relation to place than the reason for various lathes, hundreds and places being recorded on the original document.

Th image series appears to have been subject to a process of pick a microfilm, load on machine, mechanically digitise, enhance image quality and pass to someone to create a way point. This appears reliant on catalogue and what seems to be on the image and some thousands of miles removed from the archive information and source record. The mis match between a catalogue entry and the image presentation needs FamilySearch to re-examine the technical assembly of images and identify if this film has been "lost".

The "classic" version of the film description is Otterden 1780-1831 Otterden and Lenham 1780-1832 FHL BRITISH Film 1470393 Items 2-3

Ps1964 09:35, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

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