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 Not especially helpful[edit source]

I'll give just one example.  When I clicked on the link to "■Harvard University Department of Romance Languages and Literatures - Italian Maps " I expected to be connected to, well, a web page with a bunch of maps.  Rather, I  was connected to a page titled "RLL would like to congratulate our 2010-2011 graduates "  OK then, I congratulate them also.  But I want a list of maps from which I may choose, well, a map!  The closest thing I found to a map was "site map".  Needless to say this was an entire waste of my time.  Best of luck finding maps using this "resource". 

I've deleted the link you alerted us to at Harvard University. Thank you for catching that. Looking at the history indicated that the problem had been there for a long time. I also reformatted the list of options for the boundary maps. Darris G. Williams 16:47, 11 July 2011 (UTC)