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I thought I knew who you were so I took the liberty of helping you by moving your North Cerney info to new pages and I left a message on the phone of the Carol I know.  She let me know this morning that she wasn't you!  My apologies.  I hope you don't mind what I did.  I did basically two things:  1) parish-particular info belongs on its own page, not the main county page, so I moved your info to its own page and created a link to it from the Gloucestershire page.  2) the easiest way to reduce the size of a page when you get such a warning is to move part of the text to a new page and create a link to it from the first page, and that's what I did.  You will see that I moved both the research helps and the part on agriculture, livestock, and tradesmen to two new pages and created links to them.  If you don't like what I did, feel free to rearrange things. 

I will get busy today and create a full Gloucestershire parish list with links.

Next time you leave a message, sign your name with three tildes ( ~ ).  In that way the Wiki will create a link so that people can email you directly (I believe that's correct.  I'm still learning too).


(well, actually the tildes don't create an email link but they do take you to a user's page.)

Dear Editor (Horsley (?))

Can you please help me?

1. The message to me on the on the Edit on the Gloucestershire page says, "This page is 38 kilobytes long; some browsers may have problems editing pages approaching or larger than 32 kb.  Please consider breaking the page into smaller sections."

I re-arranged several topics on the page into smaller sections and deleted some data. It didn't seem to make any difference.

 So, I continued to make changes and added some approved uploaded pictures with the thought that when all the information was submitted and organized that the format could be "tweked" to conform to the required format. Apparently the file needs to be reduced to accommodate browsers.  What do I need to do?

 Would it be a good idea to divide the submitted information on North Cerney into two parts:  North Cerney Parish and North Cerney Village?  I don't know how to divide the sections into separate documents and still have them related or connected so people can be aware of both segments and access them.  Also, I think it might be more advantageous to have the internet sites attached to the North Cerney Parish instead of the North Cerney Village, at the bottom of the page in the second half of the document. (I'm concerned about losing the North Cerney Village "divided segment" so I am not anxious to experiment with the data.) Can you divide the file or tell me how to do it?  Or, could I make an appointment to meet with you in person and have you show me how to fix the problems?  (I have been to two classes on "How to Write for WIKI.  Each one helped in some ways; however, these software problems did not exist at that time and it seems like these requests are more individual programming issues rather than general solutions that might be offered in a generic "How to" class.)

2.  Can someone program the Gloucester main page to link to  information on all the parishes in Gloucester?  It appears that under the present configuration,  it will only hold North Cerney Parish. I am not very knowledgable about computers and/or using the WIKI software.   I had a young lady help me to  place the North Cerney Parish on the main Gloucester page, under the topic of "Parishes." 

 My husband and I spent about 3 weeks in England and Cornwall in March-April 2007 and visited many parishes on a research trip. I took pictures of parishes and gathered information.   I have information and pictures on other Gloucester parishes that I could submit, i.e. Cirencester, pictures and text; Elkstone, pictures and text; South Cerney, text; Gloucester, pictures and text; and Cheltenham, pictures and text.  I am about finished adding information for North Cerney.  Would you like me to submit information on the other parishes?

Thanks for your help.  If you would like to call me, my phone number is (801) 272-0241.

Carol Ann Smith

p.s.  I have submitted all of the information and pictures  planned to share on North Cerney.  Until I gain further knowledge and skill with the software, I don't know how to make the requested changes.  I will appreciate any help you can give me. 

I don't have as many pictures or as much information on other parishes in Gloucester.  I would like to start a section on the Cirencester Parish and have it linked to the Gloucester portal under "Parishes".  So--if you could also help me with that, I would appreciate it.

Thanks again for your patience.

Carol Ann Smith