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Imperial Gazetteer link does not work, consider for 3 gazetteers

I agree that the two pages should be merged. loosledc 15:50, 6 October 2009 (UTC)

Merging with England Major Websites[edit source]

The England Major Websites section was pre-defined near the beginning of the wiki, and when invited to contribute, I supplied all but a couple of links that are currently there.

I agree that there should be some sort of merge, although as 'mine' is the more detailed and concise I would recommend making that the foundation or template of the merge.

What else needs to be considered is the fact that when I initially compiled England Major Websites there were no equivilent pages for the rest of the UK and Ireland, therefore I included all such sites in the one list. What needs to be considered now is whether to create duplicate templates of the England Major Websites page for Scotland, Wales etc., and transfer (or in many cases copy) relevant details to the appropriate geographical page; or whether to keep the UK and/or Ireland together.

If, as I expect, there are to be separate geographical pages, then there should be prominent links on each in order to easily refer to links on the others, as research will almost inevitably cross these boundaries at various points.

Delete in haste[edit source]

A number of links may seem obscure, but can often be the only place where that vital detail is found. The UK National Archives isn't easy to search for many either, so the various links included (plus many more!) could be an asset. Bottom line: this page should in no way be discarded casually without either reassigning the pages appropriately or ensuring that such specific information is readily available elsewhere.