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Transfer from Research Guidance[edit source]

The following information needs to be reviewed and incorporated into the wiki.


Military Records identify individuals who served in the British military. They can be of great genealogical value and may provide information not found elsewhere. Military records may give:

Name. Major Robert Cooke
Name of regiment served in or ship served on. New Jersey Volunteers (OR) Duke of Cumberland's Regiment (OR) 60th. Regiment.
Dates of service. December 1776 untill end of war
Date and place of birth. ? Ireland ?
Names of parents. John Cooke & Elizabeth (Hamilton) Cooke
Names of spouse and children. ?
Dates and places of marriage and children's births or baptisms.? 
Age at a specific date in time. ?
Occupation at time of enlistment. general merchant with his brother Lieutenant Colonel Charles Cooke at Crosswicks, Burlington County, N.J.
Date of death if it occurred during service.-0-

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What You Are Looking For his D.O.B. and his D.O.D. and where he was buried, and his will.

You are looking for information about military records. I found those in the AO 12 and AO  13 papers.

FindMyPast has many records for England, Ireland, Wales.  It is free at family history centers.

The Genealogist another free website at family history centers, also has many United Kindom indexes.
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These three steps will guide you to find information about British military records.

Step 1. Determine the branch of the military in which your ancestor served.

If you do not know the branch of the military in which your ancestor served, you may be able to find that information by looking in:

Family records. That I have shows his brothers and sisters, George, James, Colonel Jacob, Colonel William,Lieutenant Colonel Charles, Thomas,Jane,Betty,Edward,John, and a unborn
Census records.
Probate records.
Civil registration records.
Church records.

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Step 2. Follow the links for information about military records.

For brief information about military records, see Background.

For more detailed information about the records of various branches of the military, follow these links to Public Record Office information leaflets:


Army: Officers' Records 1660-1913
Medieval and Early Modern Soldiers: Military Recruitment and Service
Army Other Ranks: Finding the Regiment
Army: Soldiers' Pension Records, 1702-1913
Army: Soldiers' Discharge Papers, 1760-1913
Army: Muster Rolls and Pay Lists, c1730-1898
Army: Nurses

The Federation of Family History Societies also provides a leaflet titled In Search of your Soldier Ancestors.


Royal Navy: Officers' Service Records
Royal Navy: Ratings' Records 1667-1923
Royal Navy: Ratings Entering Service Between 1873 and 1923
Royal Navy: Nurses
Royal Navy Pension Records


Royal Marines: Officers' Service Records
Royal Marines: How to Find a Division
Royal Marines: Other Ranks' Service Records


Royal Air Force Records: Tracing an Individual
Royal Air Force: Airmen's Service Records
Royal Air Force: Nurses
Royal Air Force Pension Records


The Militia 1757-1914
Tudor and Stuart Local Soldiery: Militia Muster Rolls

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Step 3: Find the records.

For information on finding military records, see Where to Find It.