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Image Deletion Explanation[edit source]

<fck:hr> File:Slaget-ved-Lyndanissse.jpg was removed from the Denmark page because it is a memorial of the battle of Lyndanisse (Tallinn) 15th of June 1219, where the Danish flag according to the legend fell down from the sky, and gave King Valdemar II (The Victorious) the victory. At least one patron was offended by this display on the Denmark page which is understandable.

Parrisl 20:23, 29 October 2013 (UTC) </fck:hr>


The Denmark page has used the File:Slaget-ved-Lyndanissse.jpg since the page was created in May of 2010. The page has been viewed almost 1 million 400 thousand times and this is the first time I've heard of anyone offended. I don't have any problem with the image being replaced, but given the usage up to this point 1. There really should have been a discussion around it before deleting it and 2. a replacement should have already been chosen. The reason the original image was chosen is because the Dane's are very proud of their flag and the history of their flag. It's the oldest, unchanged national flag in contineous use in the world.

MorrisGF 20:42, 29 October 2013 (UTC)


I agree 100% with MorrisGF. Could there please be a more explanation as to why this person was offended? I have restored the picture until further explanation is provided or a replacement photo is agreed upon.



Apparently 1 million 4 thousand viewers were not Danish or they did not understand the historical significance of the picture. It is a memorial in Tallinn of the defeat of Denmark by King Valdemar II in the battle of Lyndanisse. Would anyone want the memorial of their defeat by another country on their countries page? The memorial depicted is in Tallinn.


I think you’ve misunderstood; the history for Lyndanisse (or Tallinn) is not what you think. The story goes that a large Danish army led by Valdemar II captured an important trade port. Then the Danish crusaders began to build a castle to control the area (Tallinn means Danish fortress.) While the castle is being built the Estonians gather an army. On 15 June 1219 the Estonians attacked from 5 directions in what is known as the Battle of Lyndanisse. Initially the battle did not go well until one of the Danish allies led a counter attack which allowed the Danish crusaders to regroup and attack again. This time the Danish crusaders defeated the Estonian army. Tallinn and a large part of Estonia was then under the control of Denmark. According to legend, Archbishop Sunesen said a prayer on a hilltop during the battle. When he raised his arms to the sky, the Danes advanced in battle. When he lowered his arms the Danes pulled back. Helpers came forward and helped the old archbishop to keep his arms raised. When the battle was at its worst, God sent help to the Danes. As a sign of Gods help a red flag with a white cross appeared in the sky, which encouraged the Danish soldiers to such a great victory. King Valdemar II announced that the cross on a flag gave the Danes their victory. He declared the symbol to become the Danish flag, now known as the Dannebrog. That flag is the oldest, unchanged, national flag in the world.

As far as the image replacement, I'm not saying that the original image should not be replaced. Change can be good for a website unless the purpose is to create consistency. If the image is going to change, I would suggest that the new image be something more than just the flag. Maybe something like Finlands image that incorporates a map and some cultural or national symbols.

MorrisGF 17:26, 22 January 2014 (UTC)

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