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PlaceOpedia[edit source]


PlaceOpedia is a new wiki that appears to be working to provide exact locality information and maps for localities discussed in Wikipedia.  To date this site has set up map pages for nearly 17,000 localities.

 This might prove very useful to us even, and we might want to find a way to coordinate things from our wiki with their database of localities, so that people can find the locality in question on a current map.  The lat/long coordinates are very precise, down to six places to the right of the decimal point.  In fact, not just localities as far as towns and cities, but also maybe specific buildings (see examples on homepage) and institutions are plotted on their pages as well.

Out of curiosity, can you provide details on how you can see PlaceOpedia could be used with the Research Wiki? Are the points something that people have to put in and then reference Wikipedia, does something have to be done on Wikipedia to make it available on PlaceOpedia, does PlaceOpedia automatically build the links to Wikipedia, etc., or do you know? I know I could do research to answer some of the questions, but am out of town with family events and do not have much time. I hope to make the meeting still. I have done development using various map interfaces on the web. Depending on what we would use PlaceOpedia for, I could see that could potentially be overkill when a template that creates a link to a map could also be sufficient. Thomas Lerman 19:23, 4 August 2009 (UTC)