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Military Records[edit | edit source]

Military records which cover the time period of the 15-18th centuries may contain names and residences of soldiers and later age and rank would be included.  These records are usually found in the state archives.  Records of the 19th century till the present would contain conscription records with names of 19-20 year old men, with birth dates and places, names of parents, places of residence (sometimes out of the country) and physical descriptions.  These may be found in the state archives.  Information may also be obtained from the Eidgenössisches Militär Department in Bern.

Military conscription records
Registres de conscription
Registri militari)
[edit | edit source]

Research use: Useful for following movements of young men, military regiment assignments, and as a substitute for missing church registers.

Record type: Registers of men eligible for military service.

Time Period: 1800-present.

Content: Birth registers and lists of 19-20 year old males, their parents, residence, physical descriptions, current status such as exempt, moved away, deceased, etc.

Location: State archives, Federal military archive. Population coverage: 30%.

Reliability: Very good.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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