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There are many records that were created by the Swedish military authorities in the army that will help you find your Swedish ancestors. These records are especially useful when the church records are insufficient.

As you search these records you will find the span of years varies record to record. This is due to military demands, unit structure, the purpose of the record, and the preservation of the originals. Some records have different names in different parts of the country. Some records were created in duplicate for example: Generalmönsterrullor . You will find the level of detail will vary record to record.

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description
Avlöningslistor Krigskollegiet Payrolls of officers in Swedish Army. Includes register of regiments (all ranks) and commanders. Time span: 1636-1791
Avmönsterrullor Karelska dragonregementet Kavalleriet Muster-out rolls. Army inspection, approbation and muster-out rolls of the Karelian Finnish Dragoon Regiment. Time span: 1768-1809
Avmönsterrullor Livregementets dragoner Kavalleriet Army muster rolls of the Royal Dragoon Regiment (Uppsala, Stockholm, and part of Gävleborg counties.) Time span: 1793-1820
Avmönsterrullor Karelska Jägarkåren Infanteriet Inspection, general muster rolls, muster-out rolls of the Karelian Finnish Rifle Corps in the King's Service. Time span: 1795-1808
Avmönsterrullor Artilleriet Army muster-out rolls of the Finnish Artillery Corps of Mikkeli County. Time span: 1808
Brevbok Krigskollegiet Contains letters to the Military High Command, specifications, memorials, etc. Time span: 1629-1723
Brödmönstringar Militären:Army Interim Muster Rolls. Similar record to General Muster Rolls but kept between the General Muster Rolls. Also include peacetime works. Could give additional information about soldier and also knowledge of work projects during peace time and injuries incurred during project. Time span: 1820-1901
Fullmaktsböcker Krigskollegiet Authority books. Contains orders and instructions to Army commanders, capitulations and contracts, including officers and regiments from Finland. Time span: 1634-1684
Generalmönsterrullor Militären: Army General Muster Rolls. Often the soldier's patronymic surname is not known. General muster rolls often will give the soldier's surname. Also use for interesting family history information that can be found such as height, and other miscellaneous facts. Time span: 1685-1885
Handlingar Krigskollegiet Contains various transactions, correspondence, applications and accounts etc. of the Army Pension Fund. Time span: 1757-1880
Kommendörrullor Krigskollegiet Records of military peacetime projects. These are a more detailed account of the military peacetme works. Family history information about dates, projects, equipment, injuries, etc. Time span: add here
Krigsmanshuskontoret Krigskollegiet Pensions. Time span: add here
Likvidationer "Namnserien" Krigskollegiet Liquidation Name series. Contains salary settlements and other accounts of Army officers (Finland included)during the Great Northern War. Heirs are often named. Also a number series available -- arranged by numbers instead of names. Time span: 1699-1721
Likvidationer "Regementsserien" Krigskollegiet Liquidation regiment series. Contains salary settlement accounts of claims by Swedish army officers, their heirs of assignees of units existing after the Great Northern War (Finland included). Time span:1699-1742
Likvidationer för pensioner, stipendier och brudskattedonationer Krigskollegiet Liquidation for pensioners, stipendiary accounts, and bridal tax revenues. Contains claim and salary settlement accounts of militaray pensioners, stipendiary accounts, bridal tax revenues. Time span:1620-1742
Likvidationer för värvningar Krigskollegiet Liquidation for enlisted men. Contains claim and salary settlement accounts of voluntary enlisted military men. Time span: 1620-1744
Likvidationer och inlösta fordringar Krigskollegiet Liquidation and claims. Contains final parliamentary liquidations and claims of Swedish oficers Time span: 1719-1766
Likvidationer, löneavräkningar för Krigskollegium Krigskollegiet Contains claim and salary settlement accounts for army and supply personnel in the War-office. Time span: 1620-1745
Meritband Krigskollegiet Merit and service records. Contains transactions of the Army Pension Fund and includes merit, seniority, and service records of commissioned and non-commissioned officers of Sweden and Finland and enlisted soldiers of Germany,Pomerania, Baltic States in Swedish military service. Time span: 1751-1849
Meritförteckningar Krigskollegiet Service Records. Contains merit and service records of officers, non-commissioned officers of various Swedish and Finnish regiments. Time span:1614-1903
Militieräkenskaper Krigskollegiet Military Accounts. Military accounts and army lists of Greater Sweden, including Finnish units and German enlisted soldiers, with a card index. Time span: 1537-1630
Mönsterrullor Krigskollegiet Muster rolls. Various collections of muster rolls, inventory of regiments and commanders including areas belonging to Sweden during Stormaktstiden. Availability varies greatly from one regiment to another. Time span:1620-1865
Pensionsansökningar Krigskollegiet Pension applications. Contains pension applications of Swedish widows of military officers, and civil administrators. Time span: 1711-1827
Regementsräkneskaper Krigskollegiet Regimental Accounts. Use these accounts records when you have an officer or a non-commissed officer during this time period to learn about your officer or if he died you may learn about his next of kin (wife, children). Time span: 1654-1723
Rekryteringsrullan och Inmönstringsrullan Militären: Army Recruitment and enrollment rolls. May find information about the soldier, such as his patronymic surname, date and place of birth. May also find certificates (minister, employer, doctor's) presented at recruitment. Time span: Mainly after 1800
Roterings och utskrivningslängder Krigskollegiet Conscription Rolls. This record lists all men 15 years of age and older within the parish and farm or village. This record can be used in a similar manner and as a substitute for the mantalslängder. Time span: Mainly 1620-1680
Rullor 1620-1723 Krigskollegiet This is the most import source about soldiers during this time period. Use for early soldiers. Time span: 1620-1723
Rullor fr. o. m. 1724 Militären: Army Rolls starting from 1724. Use as a complement to the General Muster Rolls.  May cover possible gaps in the General Muster Rolls. Time span: 1724-
Sjukrullor Militären: Army Medical Rolls. Find the sickness or disease the soldier had and the type of treatment they received. Time span: From the 1800's -
Soldatkontrakt Militären Soldier’s Contract. Learn the terms of agreement between the soldier and the rote (or rusthåll) at the time the soldier was recruited) Time span: add here
Stora Nordiska Kriget Krigskollegiet The Great Northern War. Contains records of prisoners of the Great Northern War and exchanges of prisoners (Regiments of Finland included.) Time span:1700-1721
Straffrullor Militären: Army Punishment Rolls. Could find out type of misdemeanor and the punishment received. Time span: add here
Strödda militiehandlingar Pre- Krigskollegiet Various military transactions. Contains various military transactions, muster rolls of officers and men, some army units also stationed in Finland, Estonia etc., salary settlement accounts of prisoners, personnel having returned to Sweden or other specifications. Time span: 1536-1633
Strödda militiehandlingar indelningsverk och utskrivningslängder Pre- Krigskollegiet Various military transactions, allotment, and conscription book. Contains army classification, levying rolls, etc. of Sweden and parts of Finland. Time span: 1500-1600
Ståndrulla för indelta armén Krigskollegiet Territorial reports. Territorial reports of army units in the allotment system. Time span:1805
Suppliker Krigskollegiet Petitions. Letters of requests to the Army High Command, usually by the widiw of a soldier who was killed in war or taken prisoner, to receive the soldiers salary. Here you may learn about the wife and/or family as well as what happened to the soldier. There is a card index. Time span: 1656-1684.
Torpsyneprotokoll Infanteriet, Kavalleriet, Artilleriet Soldier crofts inspections. Learn about the croft where your soldier served. These inspections give deficiencies and faults of the croft and how and when they were to be corrected. More detailed for officers' homesteads. Time span: add here

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