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Military Timeline[edit | edit source]

Year Event Conclusion
1471 Battle at Brunkeberg for more information click here
1520 Stockholm Bloodbath
(Stockholms blodbad)
80-90 people (mostly nobility and clergy) were executed 8 November 1520.  To read more click here
1521-1523 The War of Liberation
Armistice of Gotland (1524)
Recess of Malmö (1524)
1534-1536 Danish Count’s Feud
(Danska Grevefejden)
Armistice of Copenhagen (1537)
1542-1543 Dacke Feud
Uprising of peasants put down by Gustav Vasa
1554-1557 Great Russian War
(Stora ryska kriget)
Treaty of Novgorod (1557)
1563-1570 Northern Seven Years’ War
(Nordiska sjuårskriget)
Treaty of Stettin (1570)
1563-1568 The First Polish War
(Första polska Kriget)
A formal treaty never took place. The war ended when Johan III became king of Sweden in 1568.
1570-1595 Livonian War and Russo-Swedish War (1590-1595)
(25-årskriget mot Ryssland)
Treaty of Teusina (1595)
1598-1599 War against Sigismund
(Kriget mot Sigismund)
Armistice of Stångebro (1598)
1600-1629 The second Polish War
( Andra polska kriget)
Armistice of Altmark (1629)
Armistice of Stuhmsdorf
1609-1610 De la Gardie Campaign
(De la Gardieska fälttåget)
De la Gardies Compromise
1610-1617 Ingrian War
(Ingermanländska kriget)
Treaty of Stolbovo (1617)
1611-1613 Kalmar War
Treaty of Knäred (1613)
1618-1648 Thirty Years War
(Trettioåriga kriget)
• Treaty of Stettin (1630): Alliance with/occupation of Pomerania

• Treaty of Bärwalde (1631): Alliance with France
• Armistice of Stuhmsdorf with Poland (1635)
• Armistice of Stockholm with Brandenburg (1641)
• Armistice of Eulenburg with Saxony (1646)
• Armistice of Ulm Bavaria and Cologne (1647)
• Peace of Westphalia with the Holy Roman Empire (1648)

1643-1645 Torstenson War
(Torstensons krig)
Treaty of Brömsebro (1645)
1653-1654 First Bremian War
(Första bremiska kriget)
Recess of Stade (1654)
1655-1661 Second Northern War
(Nordiska kriget)
• Treaty of Roskilde with Denmark-Norway (26 February 1658

• Treaty of Olivia with Poland (23 April 1660)
• Treaty of Copenhagen with Denmark-Norway 27 May 1660
• Treaty of Kardis with Russia (21 June 1661)

1657-1658 The First Danish War of King Karl X Gustaf
(Part of the Second Northern War)
• Treaty of Taastrup 18 February 1658

• Treaty of Roskilde (26 February 1658)

1658-1660 The Second Danish War of King Karl X Gustaf
(Part of the Second Northern War)
Treaty of Copenhagen with Denmark-Norway 27 May 1660
1665-1666 Second Bremian War
(Andra bremiska kriget)
Treaty of Habenhausen (1666)
1675-1679 Scanian War
(Skånska kriget)
• Peace of Lund

• Treaty of Nijmegen
with the Holy Roman Emperor, Münster and the Netherlands (1679)
• Treaty of Celle with Lüneberg (1679)
• Treaty of Saint Germain with Brandenburg (1679)
• Treaty of Fontainebleau with Denmark-Norway (1679)

1688-1697 (Pfalziska tronföljdskriget) Treaty of Rijswijk
1700-1721 Great Northern War
(Stora nordiska kriget)
• Treaty of Traventhal with Denmark-Norway (1700)

• Treaty of Altranstädt with Saxony (1706)
• Treaty of Stockholm with Hannover and Prussia (1719, 1720)
• Treaty of Frederiksborg with Denmark-Norway (1720)
• Treaty of Nystad with Russia (1721)

1741-1743 Hats Russian War
(Hattarnas ryska krig)
Treaty of Åbo (1743)
1757-1762 Pomeranian War
(Pommerska kriget)
Treaty of Hamburg (1762)
1788-1789 Theater War
The Danish declaration of neutrality 1789
1788-1790 Gustav III’s Russian War
(Gustav III:s ryska krig)
Treaty of Värälä
1801-1802 First Barbary War
1805-1810 War of the Fourth Coalition
(Första kriget mot Napoleon)
Treaty of Paris (1810)
1808-1809 Dansk-svenska kriget Treaty of Jönköping (1809)
1808-1809 Finnish War
(Finska kriget)
Treaty of Fredrikshamn (1809)
1810-1812 War against United Kingdom
(Kriget mot Storbritannien)
Treaty of Örebro (1812)
1812-1814 War of the Sixth Coalition
(Sjätte koalitionskriget Andra kriget mot Napoleon)
• Treaty of Kiel with Denmark-Norway (1814)

• Peace of Fontainebleau with Napoleon (1814)
• Treaty of Paris with France (1814)

1814 Campaign against Norway
(Fälttåget mot Norge)
Convention of Moss (1814) Union of Norway

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