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Svenska Orter contains a description of geographical names and places in Sweden as they were in 1932 when the books were published. Plans were that Svenska Orter would consist of six volumes. Only three volumes were completed due to the onset of World War II. Volumes Four, Five and Six were never completed but because the first three volumes are for the southern half of the Sweden which has a large percentage of the total population, this work is still extremely helpful.
Each volume is divided into three parts, thus there are 9 books altogether in this work. One part contains maps, one part all places starting with the letters A through K, and the other part letters L through Ö.

  • Volume One covers the southern part of Sweden as far north as an east-westerly line just south of Göteborg.
  • Volume Two covers the area immediately to the north of Volume One as far north as just south of the capital Stockholm.
  • Volume Three covers the area just north of this line as far north as just south of the city of Gävle.

A few key words for using Svenska Orter are:

  • Län which means county
  • Härad which means district
  • Socken or församling which means parish
  • Kommun which means municipality (parish)

The place names are listed in alphabetical order. Names beginning with a descriptive word are alphabetized by the main part of the name followed by the descriptive word.

The descriptive words to be aware of are: 

Norra - North
Inre - Inner
Södra - South
Yttre - Outer
Östra - East
Lilla - Little, Small
Västra - West
Stora - Large, Great
Gamla - Old
Mellan - Middle
Nedre - Lower
Sankt - Saint
Övre - Upper
S:t - Saint


Svenska Orter may be available at various Swedish research centers or archives. Check local libraries, archivies and institutes.

  • Family History Library in book form Call # 948.5 E5so.
  • Family History Library and Family History Centers Volume 1 parts 1-3 FHL INTL Film # 0,874,376; Volume 2 parts 1-3 FHL INTL Film # 0,874,377; Volume 3 parts 1-3 FHL INTL Film # 0,874,378.