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Svensk Ortförteckning, a directory of places is published about every 5 years by the Royal Boards of the Post Office, the Railroads, and the Tele-communications for the use of these government agencies and their customers. It contains close to 150,000 names of places in Sweden and is in alphabetical order. (Remember Sweden has three additional letters in their alphabet, Å, Ä, and Ö, and these letters follow in this order after the letter Z.)
In Svensk Ortförteckning, places that are preceded by a descriptive term follow the main part of the name. Example Lilla Gruvan is listed under the entry of Gruvan, L:a.
The descriptive terms to be aware of are:

Inre Inner
Gamla Old
Lilla (L:a) Little or Small
Mellersta Middle
Nedre Lower
Norra (N:a) North
Nya New
Stora (St:a) Large, Great
Södra (S:a) South
Västra (V:a) West
Yttre Outer
Östra (Ö.a) East
Övre Upper

Each name occupies about one line on a double columned page. Following the alphabetical listing is an abbreviation describing the place. The most common abbreviations are gd (gård) = farm, gd:ar (gårdar) = larger farm, and by = village. Next is the name of the parish (församling or socken) in which the smaller place is located. After the name of the parish is an abbreviation for the county (län) in which the parish is located. The county abbreviation is always in upper case letters. Following the county abbreviations are the principle abbreviations P, Tf, and TgJ. The P is followed by the place of the nearest post office, the TF identifies the telephone and the TG identifies the nearest telegraph office and J the nearest Railroad station. Other abbreviations and their meanings are found in the front of the book.
An entry looks something like this:

Gruvan – L:a gd Redvig (Fivlered) ÄLVSB P 520 26 Trädet, Tf 0515 Sde TgJ Sandhem 6

Lilla Gruvan is a farm in Redvig parish (formerly Fivlered) in the county of Älvsborg, Postal code 520 26, Post office in Trädet, Telephone prefix 0515, Telegraph office and Railroad station in Sandhem .

See article: Abbreviations in Svensk Ortförteckning

Availability[edit | edit source]

Available at some archives and libraries. Check local libraries, archives, research institutes, etc.

  • Family History Library in book form, call number 948.5 E8sv
  • Family History Library and Family History Centers: INTL Film 418,349 for the 1935 edition and INTL Film 547,579 for the 1968 edition; also microfiche # 6030028 to 6030037.