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Occupations are an important tool for the family history researcher. They help us to identify the same person when there are others in the same record by the same name. They help us to understand our ancestors’ life circumstances.

Occupations were also a measure of social status. Some trades were viewed as more prestigious than others. For example, goldsmiths had more prestige than shoemakers. Many trades, such as butchers, tanners, shoemakers, tailors, and others were organized into guilds, which were in charge of training apprentices and regulating a trade's practice in an area. Many guild records are in the Nordiska Museet collection in Stockholm. Do a search for the word Skråarkiv in Nationell Arkivdatabas.

This occupational word list is under construction. As of February 2013 there are over 800 occupations listed. The intention is to improve this list over time. Keep in mind there are some words that do not have a good English translation. See the references at the bottom of the page for all the sources used in building this list.

Sortable table
Occupation Short definition Full definition
abbot abbot
accismästare customs officer see Accismästare
ackuschörska a midwife
adelsbussar (military) soldier of lower rank see Adelsbussar
adelsman nobleman
adelssven page (youth) A young nobleman, who worked at a Royal Court.
adjunctus sacri ministerii (latin) pastorsadjunkt see adjunkt
adjunkt teacher (civil) teacher, 2nd level university, higher learning, or seminary; (ecclesiastical) pastorsadjunkt or pastoratsadjunkt
administer, administra (latin) attendant, and assistant
administrator (latin) administrator
advocat lawyer, attorney
advocatus ecclesiae (latin) lawyer of the assembly
aedituus (latin) keeper of the sacristy person in charge of the sacristy and ceremonial equipment
aftonsångspredikant evening-service preacher
agent agent, representative
aktor accuser, impeacher, prosecutor
aktris actress female play actor, performer
aktör actor male play actor, performer
allmänningsbonde common farmer, peasant, or man
allmäningskarl common farmer, peasant, or man
amiral admiral (military)
anförare leader, chief, commander, captain-general, captain (1788)
angivare informer (1788)
anklagare accuser, impeacher (1788)
ansättare (military) rammer service position with ramrods
apotekare pharmaceutical chemist, pharmacist
arbetare worker, laborer
arbetskarl male worker, workman, laborer
arbetsman male worker, workman, laborer
arbk. abbreviation for arbetskarl male worker, workman, laborer
arkebusier (military) member of firing squad arkebusera is to shoot by order of the court
arkibiskop (1788) archbishop modern Swedish ärkebiskop
arklimästare (military) gunner gunner's mate, quarter gunner (from 1829)
arrendator tenant farmer, leaseholder see Arrendator
artillerist (military) man of the artillery
artillerikonstapel (military) bombardier
assessor assessor
assuradör insurer, underwriter
auktionist, auktionskommissarie auctioneer one who performs auctions for public sale
auktor, autor author author, penman, writer (1829)
avisskrivare newswriter gazetteer, or newswriter
avskedad soldat discharged, resigned soldier
avskrivare (1788) transcriber, copier
axplockare gleaner gleaning, earing, after gathering
backstuguhjon cottager (1788) see backstugusittare
backstugusittare cottager one who lived in a small cottage, dugout, or hut. See: Backstugusittare
badare keeper of a bath house (1788)
badaremästare barber surgeon
badmästare bath-keeper (1889)
bagare baker
bagaregesäll baker's man
bagarelärling baker's apprentice, baker's boy, bread chipper
bagaremästare master baker
banérförare (military) standard bearer, ensign bearer
banérherre (military) banneret
banér-riddare (military) knight banneret
bankvaktmästare porter, messenger at a bank
banmästare overseer of a railway line
barberare barber, shaver
barberarebiträde barber's assistant
barberaregesäll journeyman barber
barberarelärling barber's apprentice
barkare tanner (1829)
barnförlossare male midwife
barnmorska female midwife
barnpiga maid for children
barnsköterska female nurse (not wet nurse)
baron baron baron is a title used later for friherrar. Between 1626 and 1719 the nobility was divided into three classes. Friherrar belonged to the second class, yet still considered high nobility. After the dismantlement of the classes, the friherrar continued as nobility (some titled, others not) with a coat of arms.
basunist trumpeter performer on the trumpet, or trombone
bataljonsadjuntant (military) sergeant-major
bataljonschef (military) commander of a battalion
batterikonstapel (military) battalion bombardier
bedragare cheat, impostor, deceiver
befallningshavande governor, magistrate, officer in command Kungens ...His Majesties county government board, high sheriff
befallningsman bailiff, husbandry, overseer
befallningsman (konungens) county governor Also seen as abbreviation befalm.
befaren båtsman (military) traveling sailor
befordrare promoter, advancer, forwarder, furtherer (1788)
befällningshavande officer in command
beherskare commander (1788), ruler, master, monarch, overruler, controller (1889)
bensamlare rag and bone seller, bone hunter
bergmästare minemaster (1829) mineral surveyor as a government official (1889)
bergsarbetare miner
bergsbruksidkare mining man
bergsfogde bailiff of a mine a subordinate officer whose business lies in affairs relating to the mines (1788)
bergshauptman mine inspector
bergskarl miner
bergslagsman miner, proprietor of a mine
bergsman miner part owner of a mine (1788)
bergsprångare miner one who blows up rocks with gunpowder, miner (1788)
bergsråd counsellor in the board relating to mineral affairs (1788)
beridare horsebreaker, riding master
beskattningsman taxer, assessor
beslagare seizer, confiscator, setter a kind of bailiff (1788)
beslagskarl see beslagare
besökare customs official (1889), visitor (modern)
betalare paymaster (1788)
betjänt servant, civil servant
bettlare beggar
bevaktare guard, keeper
bevakningsbefälhavare captain of the watch
bevarare preserver, saver, conservator
beväringskarl militia man, conscript
beväringsman militia man, conscript
bibliotekarie librarian
bijouterihandlare dealer in jewelry, trinkets
bildhuggare sculptor, statuary, carver
bildskärare se bildsnidare
bildsnidare sculptor
biljettförsäljare ticket seller, booking clerk
biljettförsäljerska ticket seller, booking clerk (woman)
bilöpare interloper a illegal or unlicensed trader
bindare tier, binder, fastener for example net making
biodlare bee-keeper, bee-master, apiarist
biskop bishop sometimes abbreviated as bisp.
biskötare bee-keeper, bee-master
biträde assistant
bjudare inviter, asker, offerer, bidder
bleckslagare tin smith, white smith, tinner, tinman If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith: see: Smedskivan
blockmakare block maker, pulley maker
blodigelodlare cultivator of leeches
blomsterhandlare flower seller (male) also known as blomstermånglare
blomsterhandlerska flower seller (female) also known as blomstermånglerska
blomsterodlare cultivator of flowers, florist
blossbärare torch-bearer
blyarbetare lead worker, plumber
blyfalsare plumber
blystöpare plumber
blytäckare plumber
bodbetjent shopkeeper's clerk, shopman, counterman
boddräng shop hand
bodflicka shop girl, shop maid
bodgosse shop boy, shop keepers apprentice
bodhandlare shopkeeper, tradesman
bodmamsell shop girl, shop woman
bokbindare bookbinder
bokförare book keeper
bokhandlare bookseller
bokhållare book keeper same as bokförare
bokhäftare book stitcher
bokmakare book wright, book maker
bonde farmer, peasant, countryman, husbandman
bondedräng farm hand a farmer's man, young peasant
bondeflicka country girl
bondepiga peasant's maid
borgare citizen, burgher member of the bourgeois, townsman, tradesman, citizen of a city (meaning certain rights within the city)
borgmästare mayor in England and North America.. mayor, in Scotland.. provost, in Holland, Belgium, Flanders, and Germany.. burgomaster.
borrare borer, driller, piercer, perforator
borrmakare bit forger a smith that makes drilling and chiseling bits
borrsmed bit smith a smith that makes drilling and chiseling bits   If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
boskapshandlare dealer of livestock
boskapsherde herdsman
boskapsskötare stockman
boskapsvaktare herdsman
boställshavare holder (occupier) of (an official) residence
bouppteckningsman person who inventories (1889)
boutredningsman administrator
brandmästare fire warden
braständare fire lighter
brevbärare letter carrier, postman
brevdragare see brevbärare
brevskrivare letter writer
brevställare see brevskrivare
brobyggare bridge builder
broderare embroiderer
broläggare bridge builder, paver
bromästare bridge master
bronsarbetare worker in bronze
bronsgjutare bronze founder, brazier
brottmålsdomare judge criminal
brottmålsnoterie crown clerk
brovaktare guard of a bridge
brovindare bridge driver
brukare user, employer, (in the case of arrendator) a tenant, leaseholder
bruksarbetare factoryman, workman employed on a manufacturing estate; workman in the employment of the iron works, foundryman, mill hand
bruksegare proprietor of a manufacturing estate
bryggare brewer
brännmästare master distiller
brännvinsbrännare brandy distiller
buntmakare fur merchant, furrier, fellmonger
byfogde hamlet bailiff
byggare, byggkarl builder, architect, constructor, founder
byggmästare master builder, contractor
bykerska washerwoman
byskomakare village shoemaker
bågflytt archer, bowman
båtsman, b.m., B.m. (military) seaman, sailor
bälgmakare bellows-maker
bödel executioner
bösseskytt (military)
bössmed gunsmith
cantor (latin) in latin refers to singing or music, in the church records see klockare
curatus (latin) kyrkopräst, kyrkoherde, kapellan
custod (latin) guardian, watchman, keeper, attendant
d., dr. abbreviation for dräng
dagkarl, daglönare day laborer
danneman yeoman, countryman, farmer
degn assistant to the priest The term "degn" is a Danish title for an assistant to the parish priest. The term can be found in the records for areas of modern Sweden that have Danish roots (Skåne, Halland, etc.)
deja, dejpiga maidservant, milkmaid
demoiselle Miss
domare judge
domesticus (latin) servant, one who serves in a household
domprost dean see also prestman
dr. abbreviation for dräng
drabant, dravant (military) yeoman of the guard, beefeater
dragon (military) heavy and light cavalryman
dräng, dr. farmhand, man servant, bachelor
däga see deja
emigrantagent emigrant agent
emigrantvärvare emigrant agent
extra roteringsmän
fabriksarbetare factory worker
famnmätare corder of wood
fanjunkare (military) sergeant major, staff sergeant, quartermaster sergeant (1889)
fatburshustru wife of a storekeeper
fatburssven storehouse apprentice
fattighjon pauper
filtare felter
finbagare pastry cook
fiolmakare violen maker
fiskare fisherman
fiskarflicka fisher girl
fiskargosse fisher boy
fiskhandlare fish salesman, fish hawker
fjerdingsman under bailiff of a härad
fjäderarbetare feather maker
fjärdingsman see fjerdingsman
flickare cobbler, botcher, patcher
fogde governor (of a castle), or steward of a manor (1829 and 1889) also means sheriff, bailiff, marshall (1944)
forbonde carter, wagoner
forman see forbonde
formare moulder (1829)
friborgare freeman, citizen of a freetown (1829)
frihandlare free trader
friherre baron
friherrinna baroness
fru Mrs.
frälse nobility
frälsebonde a farmer who holds his land of a nobleman, chief tenant
frälsetorpare see frälsebonde
fröken lady, honorable Miss
fyrvaktare lighthouse man
fyrverkare (military) fire worker
fågelfängare bird catcher, birder, birdman
fånggevald, fånggevaldiger A person who guards prisoners during transporting of prisoners
fårherde sheep tender, shepherd
fårklippare sheep shearer
fädräng male herdsman, working with cattle
fäflicka female herder, working with cattle
fäktmästare fencing master, master swordsman
fältbagare army baker
fältjägare army ranger 
fältpredikant  army chaplain 
fältskär assistant army surgeon, barber- surgeon
fältväbel (military) sergeant major
fänrik  (military) ensign (carries a banner), junior lietutenant  also seen as fändrik
färgare dyer, stainer
färgaregesäll journeyman dyer
färikarl ferryman (1829)
färsing weaver, common weaver
fästebonde a tenant farmer This farmer works a farm under contract (fästebrev) from a main farm
förare carrier, transporter, conductor, military: NCO, sergeant meaning varies with context: profession- conductor, railroad- guard, guider, travel- guide, leader, navigator, escort
föreståndare manager manager of a school, or poor house, can also mean warden of a hospital
förpaktare tenant farmer, leaseholder alias to arrendator
förpantare mortgager,
försvarslös unemployed person, vagrant, vagabond also means defenseless
garnhandlare dealer in wools
garnisonssoldat soldier in garrison duty
garvare tanner (1829)
gaständare gas lighter
generalbefälhavare commanding general of a district
generallöjtnant lieutenant general
gesäll journeyman often abbreviated as gs
gjutare caster, founder, moulder works at a foundry
glasarbetare glass worker
glasblåsare glassblower
glasfabrikant glassmaker
glashandlare glassman
glasmakare, glasverkare glassmaker
glasmålare glass painter
glasslipare glass cutter, glass grinder
glasögonmakare maker of glasses, spectacle maker
glättare glosser, glazer, levigator
gratialist pensionary (1889) person who receives or lives on a pension
grenadjär (military) grenadier, infantryman
grosshandlare merchant, wholesale merchant, dealer
gruvarbetare miner
gruvbrytare miner
gruvförvaltare mine owner, puser to a mining company
gruvkarl see gruvarbetare
grönsakshandlare green grocer also known as grönsaksmånglare
gs. abbreviation for gesäll
guldarbetare goldsmith (1829) If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
guldsmed goldsmith (1829) If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
gårdsbrukare farmer
gårdsdräng see dräng
gårdsfogde see befallningsman
gästgivare innkeeper
gördelmakare, götlemakare brazier, girdler (1829, 1889)
hammarmästare forge master
hammarsmed forger, hammerman
hamnfogde overseer of a port
hamnkapten harbor master
handelsidkare trader, merchandiser
handelsman merchant, trader
handhavare dispenser, administrator, distributor
handskmakare glove maker, glover
hantverkare artisan, tradesman, craftsman
hantverksgesäll journeyman artisian
hattmakare hatmaker
hejdriddare ranger governmental official of the forest and hunting system of greater Sweden
hembiträde servant girl, maid
hemmansegare farm owner
hemmansbrukare farmer husbandman (1829) referring to head of household
hemmansägare farmer, homeowner same as jordegare
herrgårdstjenst service at a manor
hjon person (1829, 1889) person who belongs to a group for example: tjänstehjon (a servant), inhyseshjon (a tenant), fattighjon (a pauper)
hjulmakare wheelwright, wheeler
hjulmakardräng wheelwrights servant or assistant
hjälphjon extra hand or helper
hjälphustru helping woman,
hovbagare (1829) the kings baker
hovdam (1829) lady of the court
hovbetjent (1829) officer of the court
hovjunkare (1829) servant to the king an officer who on court days sets the dishes on the kings table and carves the meat
hovkansler court chancellor
hovman (1829) courtier
hudafdragare (1889) skinner, flayer
husbonde (1829) master of a family or house
husdräng (1829) man servant in a house
husfader head of household, father
husflicka girl servant in a house
husfolk farmers, farm people
hushållare housekeeper
husjungfru (1829) see hushållerska
husmamsell housekeeper
husman tenant farmer see inhysseshjon, backstuguhjon (1829), see torpare (1889)
husmoder housewife, mistress of a family
huspiga housemaid
huspredikant private chaplain, house preacher
hustjänare house servant, domestic
hustru wife, mistress of a family
hyttarbetare smelter, works at a foundry
hållkarl hostler one who takes care of horses or mules
hårarbetare hair worker
häradsbokhållare see häradsskrivare
häradsdomare senior jurate the oldest of the jury
häradsfogde bailiff of a härad (district)
häradshövding judge of a härad (distirct), circuit judge
häradsskrivare clerk to assize, deputy clerk compiled various tax records for their taxation district (fögderi)
hövitsman captain
infanterist foot soldier
inhyses to live gratis (costless, free) at another persons house, lodger
inhyseshjon to live gratis (costless, free) at another persons house, lodger
inspektor inspector inspector of a school, or steward. comparable to befallningsman, rättare
inspektör inspector superior, superintendent
ishandlare ice man, dealer of ice
jagare hunter, chaser, pursuer
jodgumma (1829) midwife see barnmorska
jordbrukare husbandman (1829) cultivator, farmer (1889)
jordegare landowner, landholder, landlord
jordegumma midwife (1889)
jungfru maiden, virgin, miss, damsel
junker young nobleman, squire, lord, master, gentleman
jurist lawyer
justitieborgmästare recorder
justitieminister minster of justice
justitiestatsminister lord high chancellor, lord chief justice
juvelerare jeweller
jägare hunter, huntsman, woodman, ranger
jägeribetjent gamekeeper
jägmästare master of the forest, forester (government appointment)
järnhandlare dealer of iron
järnvägsarbetare worker on a railway
järnvägsbetjening service on a railway line
kakelungsmakare tile manufacturer, tile maker used to make tile stoves, or a tile fireplace
kammarfru bedchamber woman
kammarjunkare gentleman of the king's bedchamber
kammarjungfru see kammarpiga
kammarjägare rat hunter
kammarpiga lady's maid
kammarskrivare clerk in a government office
kamrerare accountant, clerk in charge of accounts
kanongjutare cannon founder founder who makes cannons
kapellmästare chapel master
kapellpredikant preacher at a chapel see kaplan
kaplan, kapellan chaplain, out vicar, curate
kapten (military) captain for example infaterikapten is a captain of infantry soldiers
karduansmakare cordwainer, leather dresser worker in cordovan leather, leather from Córdoba, Spain
kavallerist (military) cavalryman
kedjemakare chain maker
kistmakare box maker
kittelbotare, kittelflickare tinker
kittelslagare kettle maker
klampare a foreman at a lumberyard see Klampare
klensmed locksmith, toolmaker
klockare, klr. parish clerk see Klockare
klockgjutare bell founder
klr. abbreviation for klockare
kn. abbreviation for knekt
klädesfärgare cloth dyer
klädeshandlare cloth merchant
klädesvävare cloth weaver
klädsömmerska dressmaker
knalle pedlar, chapman, cheap jack
knappmakare button maker
knekt (military) soldier, man at arms
knifvässare knife sharpener, cutler
knifsmed cutler
knipare nipper
knypplare male lace maker
knypplerska female lace maker
koarrendator see mjölkarrendator
kofferdi merchant marine
kofferdimatros merchant seaman
koffertsnickare trunk maker
kokerska female cook, cook maid
kogubbe cow feeder, cow keeper
kolarbetare collier one that produces charcoal, or coal miner
kolare coal man, charcoal burner
kolbonde coal carter
kolhandlare coal merchant
komminister perpetual curate a clergyman in charge of a parish, or a clergyman serving as assistant in a parish
kommissarie commissioner could have various meanings such as: police superintendent, sheriffs bailiff, military commissary
konduktor conductor, guard with the railways
konduktör sergeant
konstapel (police) constable in the military it can mean corporal, bombardier, gunner, steward
konstnär artist
kontorskrivare clerk
kontraktsprost rural dean
kopparslagare coppersmith If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
koppartryckare copper plate printer
korgarbetare basket worker, wicker
korgflätare basket maker
korherre canon a clergyman receiving a sum of money for officiating and serving in the church
korpral (military) corporal
kovaktare cow keeper
kreaturshandlare see boskapshandlare
krf., krfi., krfierd, krfj. abbreviation kronofjärdingsman
krigsman soldier
kronoarrendator crown tenant, crown peasant
kronobefallningsman see länsman
kronobetjäning police
kronobonde crown peasant
kronofogde high bailiff and collector of taxes See Kronofogden
kronojägare ranger
kronolänsman, krlmn. see länsman
kronouppbördsman commissioner of the inland revenue, tax collector
krukmakare potter
kryddkrämare grocer, storekeeper
krögare keeper of a public house, tavern keeper, ale draper
kurir courier
kusk, kutsk coachman
kustuppsyningsman an under officer with the coast guard
kvarnarrendator renter of a mill
kvarnbyggare mill wright
kvarndräng mill hand
kvarnegare mill owner
kvarntullsinspektor mill toll inspector
kypare wine cooper, cooper
kyrkobetjänare churchman, clergyman
kyrkoföreståndare churchwarden
kyrkoherde rector, parson, parish minister
kyrkovaktare church guard, sexton
kyrkvärd churchwarden
käpphandlare cane seller, caneman
kökbetjäning kitchen staff
kökspiga kitchen maid
köpman merchant
körsnär fur merchant, furrier see buntmakare
kötthandlare meat salesman, butcher
köttmånglare see kötthandlare
lackerare one who applies lacquer
ladugårdsidkare dairyman
ladugårdspiga dairymaid
laggare hooper a binder, who fastens or binds as with a hoop
lagkarl lawyer
landbo tenant farmer  with weaker right than an "åbo" tenant farmer
landshövding lord lieutenant see befallningshavande
landsknekt (military) landsquenet
landskontorist clerk in receivers office
landsman fellow countryman, compatriot
landstrykare vagrant, tramp
landsvägsriddare knight of the road can also mean tramp, marauder
landtbo countryman, person from the country
landtbrukare farmer, gentleman farmer
landtbruksbokhållare under steward
landtbruksinspektor land steward
landtflicka country girl
landthandlare country shopkeeper
landthushållare husbandman see also jordbrukare
landtjunkare country squire, country buck, fox hunter
lantmätare a surveyor employed by the National Surveying Office (Lantmäteriet.)
lappare patcher, botcher, clouter, cobbler
lappbonde Lapp peasant
lappskarvare botcher, cobbler, arch botcher
lappskräddare patch tailor, botcher
lastningsbokhållare shipping clerk
legoknekt (military) mercenary
likörare hearse driver
liktarskeppare lighterman, bargeman
limkokare glue boiler
linberedare flax dresser
linhandlare dealer in flax, flaxman
linhäcklare flax dresser
linvävare linen weaver
livdrabant (military) yeoman of the guard
livdragon (military) trooper belonging to the dragoons
livgrenadjär  (military) soldier belonging tot the grenadiers 
livhussar (military) trooper belonging to the hussars
ljusfabrikör candlemaker
logarvare tanner
lokomotivförare locomotive driver, locomotive engineer
lots sea pilot
lumphandlare rag dealer
lumpsamlare ragman, rag picker, bunter
lånförmedlare negotiator of loans, broker
läkare doctor healer, curer, physician
länsbokhållare sheriff clerk
länsinnehavare tenant of a feud
länsman sheriff
länsåklagare county prosecutor
lärare teacher
lärling apprentice
löjtnant lieutenant
lösdrivare vagrant
madam title of a married woman in the working class (1889), Mrs. Earlier a title with status between "hustru" (farmers, etc.) and "fru" (noblit, priests, etc.)
madrassmakare mattressmaker
magasinbokhållare warehouse clerk
magasinsförvaltare store keeper, warehouse clerk
magistratsperson municipal officer, magistrate, alderman
magistratssekreterare town clerk
major (military) army major
majorska wife of a major
malmbrytare mine digger, miner
malthandlare dealer in malt, maltman
mamsell miss comparable to fröken
mantalskommissarie tax collector (for the mantals tax)
manufakturhandlare haberdasher dealer in mens clothing and accessories
marketentare sutler a civilian provisioner to an army post often with a shop on the post
marketenterska canteen woman, sutler wench (1889)
marmorarbetare marble cutter
maskinarbetare mechanic, machinist
maskinist machinist
masmästare smelting master
materialförvaltare store keeper
matlagerska female cook
matmoder housewife, mistress of a house
matros sailor, seaman foremast man, tarry sailor, able seaman (1889)
mattbindare mat maker, straw platter
matvaruhandlare provision merchant, deatler in provisions
mejerska dairy maid
messingsslagare brass smith, brazier If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
messingssmed brass smith If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
metallarbetare metal worker
metallgjutare brass founder, brazier
mildsoldat militiaman
mineralgrävare miner
minister government minister
minuthandlare retailer
minör miner (1889)
mjölhandlare flour merchant
mjölkarrendator tenant dairy farmer
mjölkförsäljare milkman
mjölkförsäljerska milkwoman
mjölkhustru milkwoman
mjölkpiga milkmaid, dairymaid
mjöldräng miller's man
mjölnare miller
mjölnarhustru millers wife
mjölnerska miller woman
modehandlare dealer in fancy goods
modesömmerska milliner (1889) a person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women's hats
modist milliner a person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women's hats
murare mason bricklayer, stone mason
muraregesäll journeyman mason
murarelärling masons apprentice
murarmästare master mason
mureriarbetare bricklayer
murerihandtlangare hodman a bricklayer's or mason's laborer who carries bricks, mortar, cement and the like in a hod
musketerare musketeer
målare painter, artist
målargesäll journeyman painter
målarmästare master painter
månads karl a male worker with a 1 month contract
månglerska  market woman could be a variety of goods like, vegetables, fruits, or fish
månglare retailer, dealer of goods like vegetable, fruit, or fish
mältare maltman, maltster
mästare master
mästergesäll master journeyman
möbelhandlare dealer in furniture
möbelmakare cabinet maker
möbelsnickare cabinet maker
mölnare (1829) see mjölnare
mönsterherre (military) muster master
mönsterskrivare (military) muster clerk keeping record of the military muster rolls
mössmakare cap maker
nattman night man
nattvaktare night watchman
nipperhandlare milliner, toyman (1829)
nipphandlerska dealer in fancy articles (1889)
nybyggare settler or colonizer
nålmakare needle maker
nämdeman , nm., nman juror  kind of juryman/lay judge 
näringsidkare tradesman
nätbindare net maker
officer officer
okulist oculist could be for glasses, or eye doctor
ombudsman attorney, proctor
opperstyrman captain's mate
organist organist
orgelbyggare organ builder
orgelnist organist
orgelspelare organ player
orgeltrampare organ blower
osthandlare cheese dealer, cheesemongers shop
ostronhandlare oysterman, dealer of oysters
oxhandlare cattle dealer
oxslagtare beef butcher
packhusinspektor pack officer
packhuskarl packer
pansarsmed armourer
pantaregare owner of a pawn
pantgivare mortgager
papparbetare paste board worker
pappersfabrikör paper maker
pappershandlare stationer, paper man, paper merchant
pappersskärare paper cutter
pappmakare cardboard
parfymfabrikant perfume manufacturer, perfume maker
parfymhandlare perfumer, perfume dealer
parmmätare hay measurer
pastor parish minister, pastor also known as kyrkoherde and prost
pastor et prepositus, p. et. p. (latin) parish priest
pastorsadjunkt stipendiary curate clergyman receiving pay
pelshandlare furrier
pennberedare pen dispenser
pensionsföreståndare master of a boarding school
perukmakare wig maker
p. et. P. (latin) abbreviation: pastor et prepositus parish priest
piga maid, maiden, servant girl, female farmhand 
pipare piper
pipsmed see bössmed
piskmakare whip makeer
plogsmed plough wright
plymmakare feather maker
plåtslagare black smith, worker in sheet iron If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
porterbryggare brewer of dark ale
postförare mail driver
postmästare postmaster
predikant preacher, sermoner, sermonizer
prest priest, parson, minister, clergyman (1829)
principal employer, master
profoss flogmaster (military)
prost dean, sub dean (1829)
provinsialläkare district physician, country doctor
präst minister
pungmakare pouch maker
rackare deputy executioner, flayer, dog and cat killer in other contexts it can mean rascal, villain
reesig (military)
regementsknekt (military)
repslagare rope maker
resandefolk itinerant, or migratory people
resepredikant itinerant preacher
riddare knight
ridlärare riding master
roddare rower, boatsman, oar's man
rorgängare helmsman, steersman
roteman assistant overseer in cities it can mean alderman of a city ward
rotemästare see rotmästare
rotesoldat (military) soldier for a district in a parish
rotmästare  (military) leader it can also mean chief equipper of a soldier
ruggare worker in textile manufacturing
rusthållare farm owner providing a cavalry soldier and horse and equipment to the army  a voluntary agreement, in exchange for tax breaks, and not having to provide for a "rote" soldier 
ryttare (military) cavalryman
ryttmästare captain of a cavalry
rådbisittare city councilman member of the city council whose job was to oversee the guilds in a city. See the Rådbisittare
rådman councilman
rättare overseer (1829)
Sacri Ministerii adjunctus, S.M. adj., S.M.A. (latin) assistant priest
Sacri Ministerii Candidat (latin) priest in training
sadelmakare saddle maker, leather worker
salthandlare dealer of salt, saltman
saltmätare person who measures salt
saltpetersjudare/salpetersjudare a boiler or producer of saltpeter see Saltpetersjudare
satinvävare satin weaver
saxmakare maker of scissors, shears, snuffers
segelmakare sail maker
segelsömmare sail maker
sejlare cord maker
sergeant sergeant
sexmän type of parish law enforcement See Sexmän
silkhandlare silk merchant
sillpackare herring packer
sjöman sailor, seaman
skarprättare executioner, hangman
skarpskytt (military) sharpshooter
skatteindrivare tax collector
skeppare skipper
skeppsbyggmästare master ship builder
skeppsgosse ship boy
skoarbetare shoe maker
skogshuggare wood cutter, lumberer
skogvaktare forester
skollärare schoolteacher
skomakare shoemaker
skomakaregesäll journeyman shoemaker
skomakaremästare master shoemaker
skråmästare master of a guild
skräddare, skrädkarl tailor
skräddaregesäll journeyman tailor
skräddarelärling tailor's apprentice
skulptör sculptor
skutskeppare master of a billy boy, hoyman
skådespelare stage player, actor
skärslippare tool, or scissor grinder (sharpener)
skördeman harvestman, harvester, reaper
sköterska nurse
slaktardräng butcher's man
slaktare meat cutter, butcher
S.M. Adj., S.M., S.M.A. see Sacri Ministerii adjunctus
S.M.C., S.M. Cand. see Sacri Ministeri Candidat
smed smith, blacksmith, forger, hammerer If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
smedsgesäll journeyman smith If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
smedsmästare master smith If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
småkrämare dealer in small wares
smältare smelter, melter, fuser
smältarsmed shingler
smörhandlare butterman, butter merchant
snickare joiner, cabinetmaker
snickarmästare master jointer
snörmakare fringemaker, loopmaker, lacemaker
sockenpräst parish priest, parson (1829)
sockenskrivare parish clerk, vestry clerk
sockerbagare confectioner, pastry cook
sockerbruksarbetare sugar refiner (workman)
soldat soldier
speditör forwarding shipping agent agent who receives goods for a firm, who sends the goods to another for a fee
spetshandlare dealer in lace, lace merchant
spetsknypplerska female lace maker
spiksmed nailer, person who makes nails
spinnare spinner
spinnerska female spinner, spinstress
spinnhushjon inmate of a house of correction it was common to send women who broke the law to a spinnhus to serve their time
stadsfogde town bailiff
stadskamrer town clerk
stadsläkare physician to the town, town doctor
statare, statsdräng see statkarl
statkarl farm hand farm worker receiving wages partly in provisions (1889)
statman statesman
statsfru lady of state
stenarbetare stone worker
stenbrytare quarrier, quarryman
stenhuggare stonecutter
stenkolsarbetare collier one who produces charcoal, or coal miner
stickerska knitter, woman who knits
strykerska laundress, ironing woman
strängmakare string maker
studerande student
styckgjutare gun founder
styckjunkare (military) artillery staff sergeant see fanjunkare
styresman governor, head, chief leader, manager, director
styrman (military) steersman helmsman, steerer, navigator, pilot
stålarbetare steel worker
stålsmed steel smith
stålmångelska stall woman
sutor (latin) shoemaker see skomakare
svamphandlare dealer in sponges, sponge merchant (1889)
svarvare turner (1829, as in Lathe turning )
svärdfejare sword cutler, blade smith, armourer
symamsell seamstress
sågställare saw setter
sämskmakare see garvare
sättare type setter, or (military) rammer
taktäckare roofer
tandläkare dentist, tooth drawer (1889)
tapetserare upholsterer, or wall paper hanger
tappare tapster, bottler (1889) tapster is another title for bartender
tattare gipsy (1829)
taxeringsman assessor
tegelformare brick moulder
tegelbrännare brickmaker, tiler
tegelslagare brickmoulder, tiler see tegelslagare
tegeltäckare tiler
tehandlare dealer in tea, tea dealer
tenngjutare pewterer, tinman, tin smith If you are researching an ancestor who worked as a smith, see: Smedskivan
tiggare beggar
timmerhuggare timber cutter
timmerman carpenter, builder
tingsskrivare copyist of court cases
tjuv thief
tjänare servant also means domestic, menial worker, or attendant
tjänstehjon servant, menial work see tjänare
tobakshandlare tobacco merchant
tobaksspinnare tobacco spinner
tolvman se nämdeman
tornväktare tower watch
torpare cottager, tenant farmer, peasant This term can have different meanings according to where you are in the country. In southern Sweden it means a farmer who is dependent on another farm (like a tenant farmer.) In northern Sweden it is more likely that the torpare owned his little farm.
tresserska braider, plaiter
trikotstickerska tricot knitter, a woman who knits tricot fabric
trummare drummer
tryckare printer, pressman
trädgårdsmästare gardener
tullbetjänt customs officer
tulltjänsteman customs officer
tullvaktmästare landing waiter
tunnbindare barrelmaker, cooper
tunnelarbetare tunneller
tvättare male launderer, washerman
tvätterska washerwoman
tvättgumma washerwoman
tältmakare tent maker
ullfärgare wool dyer
ullhandlare wool merchant, trader in wool
underlöjtnant sub lieutenant
underofficer non comissioned officer
underståtthållare sub governor, deputy sheriff
urmakare watch and clockmaker
vagnmakare cartwright, carriage maker
vagnmästare wagon master
vaktare keeper, warder, guard, watcher
vaktmästare caretaker
vallflicka shepherd girl, girl tending cattle, shepherdess
valkare fuller, miller
vallhjon a person tending cattle in the field
vandrare wanderer, rambler, stroller, tramper
vapendragare squire, esquire
vedhuggare wood cutter
vice häradshövding see häradshövding
vicepastor curate a clergyman in charge of a parish, or an assistant to the clergyman in charge of a parish
vinodlare wine grower
vårdarinna nurse
väglagare repairer of roads
vävare weaver
vävskedbindare weaver's comb binder also spelled as Skedbindare or skibindare. See pictures at: [1] (click through pictures).
yllehandlare dealer of woolen cloth, woolman
yrke occupation, profession
yrkesidkare trader
yrkesman craftsman
åbo tenant farmer with conditional, inherited lease
ålderman head man of a company, headmaster (1829), ålderman (1889) Another use of the title was the headmaster of a guild. See Ålderman
ämbetsman government official, crown officer
överbefalhavare commander in chief
överkonstapel (military) corporal
överståthållare governor
ölbryggare beer brewer

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