Sveriges Befolkning 1880-Swedish Census, 1880

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The Swedish Census 1880 CD-Rom is a complete database containing all persons who were registered in Sweden in the end of 1880. This was nearly 4.6 million people. The database contains computerized transcripts of household examination rolls which were prepared by the parish vicar or clerk and sent to the government agency, Statistkska Centralbyrån. The name of the person, place of residence and parish, year of birth and parish, occupation/position in family are usually given. Searches can be performed in numerous ways. Since children living at home at that time were not recorded with surnames in the records, searches for children can be done by combining known facts about parents and even names of siblings. Searches can be made in the Swedish or English language.


This CD-ROM may be purchased from the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies at their on-line bookshop called Bokhandel. See . Can also be purchased from the on-line bookshop at Svar. See

This CD-ROM may be available at local Swedish-American research centers in various states.

The CD-ROM is available at the Family History Library but not at the Family History Centers. It is CD-Rom no.6926 in the Family Hsitory Library Catalog.