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One of the fastest-growing collections, the address books database includes lists of all books and localities. All the names from the books included here have been extracted and included in the searchable database. The data base can be useful for research in larger cities and localizing unusual surnames. For example, the surname “Turley” was found in the town “Heessen” rather than “Hagen” as had been previously thought. This database is included in the Metasearch.
==== Name databases&nbsp; ==== Users can participate in all of the following projects by indexing or submitting information. Free registration is required.  [ FOKO] (RESEARCH CONTACTS)<br>This database allows family historian to find others who are working on the same families or in the same towns. After marking data sets of interest, a click on the button “Info anfordern” (request information) sends the contact information to the specified e-mail address.  [ GEDBAS ] <br>GedBas is a genealogical database. Anyone can contribute data in form of Gedcom files, or search for information. Details are explained in the section “GedBas/FAQ”. Persons less than 100 years old without a death date will not show up on the Internet. Entries usually include the contributor’s contact information. This database is separate from FOKO. [ FAMILIENANZEIGEN] (family notices)<br>This data base consists of extracts from birth-, marriage-, and death notices placed in daily newspapers. Most of the entries are deaths from the last 20 years. A complete list of extracted papers is found under “Ausgewertete Zeitungen (extracted newspapers). [ GRABSTEINE] (tomb stones)<br>In Germany burial plots are usually “recycled” every 20 or 30 years, and the tomb stones removed. So a database that permanently records tomb stone information is especially useful. Since the project is fairly new, most of the tomb stones will also be of recent origin. A list of the cemeteries included is found under “Friedhöfe”. [ TOTENZETTEL] (Memorial cards)<br>The genealogical information found on memorial cards is collected in this database. It generally includes the name, birth date and –place, and death date and –place. The submitter’s contact information may be included. [ VERLUSTLISTEN 1.WK] (WWI Casualty lists) <br>The Prussian Military Archive was destroyed in 1945; therefore information about WWI soldiers is difficult to find. Among the few surviving sources are the published casualty lists. Many are already available online. This new project focuses on creating a searchable index.
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