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__NOTOC__[[Wales]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] Radnorshire<br>
[[Image:WalesRadnorshireTrad.png|thumb|200px]] '''Radnorshire''', (Welsh: '''Sir Faesyfed''' or '''Maesyfed''') was is one of thirteen historic counties of Wales.
It was is bounded to the north by [[Montgomeryshire, Wales|Montgomeryshire]], to the south by [[Breconshire, Wales|Breconshire]], to the west by [[Cardiganshire, Wales|Cardiganshire]] and to the east by the English counties of [[Shropshire]] and [[Herefordshire]]
The county was created following the Laws in Wales Act of Union of 1535, between Wales and England. The county town was initially '''New Radnor''' (Welsh: '''Maesyfed''') but this was later replaced superseded by '''Presteigne''' (Welsh: '''Llanandras'''). The '''administrative county of RadnorshireRadnor''', with an elected county council, was created in '''1889''' by the Local Government Act 1888. The county was governed by an elected county council, who took over the functions of the Quarter Sessions courts. '''Llandrindod Wells''' (Welsh: '''Llandrindod''') became the new county town. The county was mainly rural and agricultural and has always been the poorest in Wales.
Motto: '''''Ewch yn Uwch''''' (English: ''Higher and Higher'')
[[Chapman Code|Chapman Code]]: '''RAD'''
[[Image:WalesPowys1974.png|thumb|right|200px]] Under the Local Government Act 1972, the county and administrative county of Radnorshire were abolished, for both local government and ceremonial purposes, on April 1, '''1974'''. Radnorshire became a district of the newly formed county of '''Powys'''. The population at that time was about 19,000.
[[Image:WalesPowys.png|thumb|right|200px]] The situation remained unchanged following further local government reorganisation in '''1996'''.


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