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'''Note:''' when you change the categories applied by a template, the categorization of the pages that use that template may not be updated until some time later: this is handled by the {{mediawiki|Manual:Job queue|job queue}}.
==== Documentation ====
Documentation for users, together with the template's categories are normally placed after the template code, inside "noinclude" tags. It is normally necessary to put the opening "noinclude" tag immediately after the end of the code, with no intervening spaces or newlines, to avoid transcluding unwanted whitespace.
In the case of complex templates, the documentation (together with categories and wikilinks) is often kept on a separate [[Help:Subpages|subpage]] of the template page (named "Template:XXX/doc"). This also applies to many [[Help:Protected pages|protected]] templates (to allow the information to be edited by non-administrators). This is achieved by placing the {{tl|Documentation}} template after the main template code (within "noinclude" tags). If the "/doc" subpage does not exist, a link will then appear enabling it to be created.
==== Organizing templates ====
Then, an editor can simply copy and paste the example to create a similar page.
== Copying from one wiki to another ==
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