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== Step By Step&nbsp; ==
1. First search each index (see below) to help you more quickly find the will, writing down each detail cited in the indexed entry.<br>2. Proceed then&nbsp;to "Records" section (see below) to determine what probate records exist for this court.<br>3. Contact or visit The London Metropolitan Archives and Library,&nbsp;or,&nbsp;hire a professional record searcher to view these records on your behalf, citing information obtained from the index[es]. Officials may send upon request a list of record searchers.<br>4. You can also visit The Family History Library, or, one of its 4,500 satellite family history centers worldwide and search indexes (see the Family History Library's {{FHL|720702|title-id|disp=cataloged entries}} providing the microfilms so you can have them circulated to the [ center]&nbsp;near you for searching the wills). The information obtained from the index[es] will help you&nbsp; more quickly search the&nbsp;wills and admons which can also&nbsp;be circulated on microfilm via any&nbsp;family history .<br>
== Indexes ==
*{{FHL|819185|title-id|disp=London Commissary Court, will extracts of the registered copy wills}} with index 1374-1521
Most of the above indexes&nbsp;are on microfilm&nbsp;and may be circulated&nbsp;to each of its satellite Family History [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|Centers]].
== Records ==
Opening Times:&nbsp;Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30am - 4.45pm<br>Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am - 7.30pm
Saturday openings:&nbsp;9.30am - 4.45pm
==== Archive Records ====
Ex Officia Assignation Books 1712-1811
Instance Act Books 1570-1675 <br>
==== Family History Library Records<br> ====
{{FHL|283866|title-id|disp=Calendars of Copy Wills and Administrations}} 1374-1857
The Commissary Court of London (London Division) had jurisdiction over 94 parishes in Greater London (Middlesex)--including 50 parishes within the City of London proper and 44 out in the county of Middlesex. When a search of this courts’ probate records fails to provide the desired probate record, be sure to search the Consistory Court of the Bishop of London as well.
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