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[ Heritage Quest Online] has the 1930 census '''index''' for only five states: '''Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Texas''', and '''Virginia''', but has the census '''images''' for ALL states. These census images and partial index are available at the Family History Library, most Family History Centers, and some public libraries. You can also use Heritage Quest Online at home if you pay a subscription fee, or if you have a library card from selected public libraries. The images and index are on the Internet at If you, or the library you are using, have a Heritage Quest Online subscription, you can click on a name in the census index to view an image of that census page. You could also browse Heritage Quest Online census images without using an online index.
== United States 1930 Census Soundex ==
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[http*,0,01&titlenocatSearchType=1037621keywords&dispsearchCriteria=United+States,%2C+1930+census+soundex++ NARA+microfilm+publications+M2049-2060&placeName=&author_givenName=&author_surname= United States 1930 Census Soundex] is a state-by-state phonetic index on microfilm for '''''only twelve southern states''''' or partial states:
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Alabama (Jefferson, Mobile, and Montgomery counties are '''''separate''''') <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Arkansas<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Florida<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Georgia<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Kentucky ('''''only''''' Bell, Floyd, Harlan, Kenton, Muhlenberg, Perry, &amp; Pike counties)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Louisiana<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mississippi<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; North Carolina<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; South Carolina<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Tennessee<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Virginia<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; West Virginia ('''''only''''' Fayette, Harrison, Kanawha, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, &amp; Raleigh counties)
The Soundex microfilms are available at the Family History Library, branches of the National Archives, and can be ordered at Family History Centers. Some of the census information about an ancestor is on the Soundex card itself. But the original census page will show much more. Use the information on the Soundex card (county, city, enumeration district (E.D.), sheet number, and volume number) to find and view the census page on the [http*,0,0&titlenocatSearchType=1037623keywords&dispsearchCriteria=United+States,%2C+1930+federal+census++ population+schedules++NARA+microfilm+publication+T626&placeName=&author_givenName=&author_surname= microfilm copy of the census], or to view the Heritage Quest Online census image of that census page.
''Figure 2. Sample 1930 Soundex index cards. Original image from the [ NARA 1930 Census Microfilm Locator]''. [[Image:SoundexCards1930.png]]
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