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A ''herred'' is a local judicial minor jurisdictional district in Denmark. The district herred has existed in Denmark for centuries since at least 1232 and is made of two or more usually comprises multiple parishes. However, cities had a different judicial system. The district sheriff was the main authority in Administratively it is equivalent to the district English "Hundred" and the local representative of the king. As the local court, the herred had many responsibilities including announcements originally referred to a region responsible to provide one hundred men for the king, probates, minor felonies, local police, epidemic records, military levying, etcservice.
The different records that can be found on the district level are civil registrationSeveral administrative responsibilities were assigned to herreds including church inspections, notary services, court recordsfire protection, passports promulgating announcements for emigration and immigrationthe king, guardianship recordsprobates, land and propertyprosecuting minor felonies, military recordsproviding local law enforcement, notarial keeping recordsof epidemics, probatesmilitary conscription ([[Danish Military Levying Rolls (Lægdsruller)|levying rolls]]), taxation records, histories of etc. The district sheriff (herredsfoged) was the main authority in the district, and some censuses, especially for Southern Jyllandthe local representative of the king. Cities had a separate jurisdictional authority.<br>
<br> A search of The National Archives of Denmark's online catalog, [ Daisy], using the term "Herred" as archive creator (arkivskaber) will return a list of herreds in Denmark and the records they created.
Records created by the herred include civil registration, court, passport, guardianship, land and property, military, notarial, probate, taxation, histories of the district, and some censuses, especially for Southern Jylland.<br>  Herreds can contain smaller jurisdictions called birker. <br>  == References<br> ==
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