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Appendix 2: Warrants for Removal to the PRO of Ireland Records of William                     Sullivan, Esquire Clerk of Records and Writs
Appendix 3: Presentments, Affidavits, Examinations, Information 1732- NAMES<ref>These are cases involving traitors, murders, probates, robbery and kidnap, etc.</ref><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; p. 179: Lady Margaret Crosbie of Ballyheige - 12 chests stolen from her home by 44 men - &nbsp;Chests belonged to the Danies East India Company
&nbsp;&nbsp; p. 81: Rev. John Armstrong of Tipperary against Henry Grady - for kidnap
<u></u>&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 1: Report of the Iron Chest (p. 13)
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 2: Minutes of the Proceedings of the Court of Claims: 1665 - NAMES <ref>These are primarily estate claims and land claims.</ref>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 3: State Papers in the Record Tower of Dublin Castle
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 4: Memorandum on the Records of the Land Judge of Chancery: Catalog of the Records by the names of the holding judges.
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 5: Samples from a 9 volume report being transferred relating to acts of settlement and proceedings under those acts <ref>Samples are from the 17th Century and include names.</ref> - NAMES&nbsp;&nbsp;
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Abstract of the Decrees of the Court of Claims for the Tryall of Innocents - NAMES <ref>See Appendix 2</ref><ref>Names of wives, brothers, children, parents, and grandparents may appear.</ref>
Jan 1662: Mary, relict of Walter Usher of Dublin (p. 42)
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 4: Statement
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 5: Acquisitions - 17th Century - NAMES<ref>These are some samples of report of invasions in the mid-1600s by the Turks</ref><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Orders on Process 1644-1649<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Assessments and Assignments 1648-1649<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Court Records - NAMES<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; p. 29: Lady Grace Talbot (1661)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Warrant for Removal to the Public Records Office - Original Charter of the Hospital and Free School of King Charles the Second, Dublin.&nbsp;<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 4.&nbsp; Table of Present Custodies of Parochial Records
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 1.&nbsp; Extracts from Mr. Herbert Woods Report on the Bankruptcy Records to 1857 <ref>no names</ref>
<u>Appendix to the 24th Report of the Deputy Keeper of Records (May 1892)</u>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Proclamations isssued by the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland 1618-1875 as well as some issued by the King (1661-1767 included in the last report) 1767 forward is in this report. <ref>Includes charges of kidnapping of the purpose of marriage naming both the groom and the spinster female kidnapped as well as location of residence.</ref>
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