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Hastings St Mary Bulverhythe is an extra-parochial place. Search surrounding parishes for records and information. <br>
BULVERHYTHE (St. Mary), an ancient parish, and a member The ruins of the town and port of Hastings, church are referred to in the union and rape of an introduction to Hastings, hundred of Bexhill, EParish Churches [http://www.sussexparishchurches. division org/content/view/241/34/+ Hastings St Mary ruins] see also A Topographical Dictionary of Sussex, 1½ mile England (E.1848) from Bexhill; containing 37 inhabitants, pp. This place, formerly a haven called Bollifridé, is said to derive its name from the circumstance of William the Conqueror, who is supposed to have landed here, having granted to an ancestor of the Pelham family as much land as he could cover with a bull's hide, which was made extensive by the expedient of cutting it into slips428-431. The parish is bounded on the south by the English Channel, which has considerably encroached on the land; and is intersected by the road from Dovor to Brighton, by way of Hastings[http: along the coast are several martello towers, and there are some remains of an ancient church or chapel// aspx?compid=50842+ here]
From: A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848), pp. 428-431. URL: Date accessed: 02 May 2011. [[Image:St_Mary_Bulverhythe_Ruined_chapelrySt Mary Bulverhythe Ruined chapelry.jpg|thumb|center|The ruined chapel of St MaryBulverhythe Ruined chapelry]]<br><br>
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