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{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" border="0" width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|{TIO-sidebar| valignnews="top" | {| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" width="160" style="color: rgb(0, 51, 102); background<!-color: rgb(250, 245, 255);" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|- align="center" style="backgroundAdd News Items BELOW -color: rgb(238, 238, 238);"| '''Part 1 of 3'''|-| [[Tracing Immigrants Introduction|'''Introduction''']]><br>[[Tracing Immigrants Search Strategies|'''Search Strategies''']]<br!-- Add News Items ABOVE -->|}
{| cellspacingmoderator="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" width="160" style="color: rgb(0, 51, 102); background<!-color: rgb(250, 245, 255);" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|- align="center" style="backgroundAdd moderator BELOW -color: rgb(238, 238, 238);"| '''Part 2 of 3'''|->| <center>[[Tracing Immigratnts Country of Arrival RecordsUser:DiltsGD|'''Country of ArrivalDiltsgd''']]<br/center>[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Search Tactics|Search Tactics]]<br>[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Record Selection Table|Record Selection Table]]<br>[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Record Types|Record Types]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Biography|Biography]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Business Records and Commerce|Business Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Cemeteries|Cemeteries]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Census|Census]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Church Records|Church Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Court Records|Court Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Emigration and Immigration|Emigration]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Genealogy|Genealogy]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival History|History]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Land and Property|Land and Property]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Military Records|Military Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalization]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Newspapers|Newspapers]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Obituaries|Obituaries]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Pensions|Pensions]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Periodicals|Periodicals]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Probate Records|Probate Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Societies|Societies]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Vital Records|Vital Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Voting Registers|Voting Registers]] <br!-- Add moderator ABOVE -->
|{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" width="160" }<div style="colorpadding-left: rgb(0, 51, 102)6px; background-colorwidth: rgb(250, 245, 255)74%;" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|- align="center" style="background-colorfloat: rgb(238, 238, 238);left"| '''Part 3 of 3'''|-| [[Tracing Immigrants Country of Origin Records|'''Country of Origin''']]<br>[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Search TacticsImage:Elissa-ship.jpg|Search Tactics]]<br>[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Record Selection Tableleft|Record Selection Table]]<br>[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Record Types170px|Record Types]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Census|Census]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Church Records|Church Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Civil Registration|Civil Registration]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Court Records|Court Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Directories|Directories]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Emigration came by ship, by rail, in wagons, and Immigration|Emigrationon foot.]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Genealogy|Genealogy]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin History|History]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Land and Property|Land and Property]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Military Records|Military Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Names Personal|Names Personal]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Newspapers|Newspapers]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Periodicals|Periodicals]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Population|Population]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Probate Records|Probate Records]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Societies|Societies]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin TaxationImage:Durango Silverton RR.jpg|Taxation]] *[[Tracing Immigrants Origin Civil Registration|Vital Records]] [[Tracing Immigrants Origin For Further Readingright|'''For Further Reading'''285px]]<br/div>  |} | align<div style="left" width="100%" valign="top" | {| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="0" width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|font-| [[Imagesize:Elissa-ship.jpg|left|188px|smaller"><center>Immigrants came by ship, by rail, in wagons, and on foot.]]</center><br></div><div style="padding-left: 6px; width: 74%; float: left">'''Value.'''&nbsp;These&nbsp;Wiki&nbsp;pages&nbsp;introduce&nbsp;the principles, search strategies, and record types you can use to identify an immigrant ancestor's original hometown. These principles apply to almost any country. Finding an immigrant ancestor's place of origin is the key to finding earlier generations of the family. It provides access to many family history resources in that home area. Once you know a former place of residence or a birthplace, you may be able to add more generations to your pedigree. [[Tracing Immigrants Introduction|Read more of the '''Introduction'''&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;.]]<br><br> |} {| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="0" width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|-| width="25%" | __TOC__ | <center>'''Key&nbsp;Immigration&nbsp;Links'''</center>
*[[Hamburg Passenger Lists|Hamburg Passenger Lists]] how to use the lists and indexes
*[[Germans from Russia|Germans from Russia]]&nbsp;research strategies, and record types
*[ FrancoGen] links to early French Canadian immigration sources
|} === '''Featured content''' ===
'''[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Obituaries|Country of Arrival Obituaries]].''' Obituaries are an excellent source of biographical information about immigrants. In addition to names and death dates, you can learn about surviving family members, church affiliations, spouses, parents, occupations, burial places, and hometowns in the old country. Even if a place of origin is not given, an obituary may provide additional research clues, such as the date or ship of immigration or traveling companions. Much of this information cannot be found in other sources. For many immigrants, an obituary is the only “biographical sketch” ever written about them.
[[New York, Northern Arrival Manifests (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]  === '''Did you know?''' ===
*[[:Category:Huguenots|Huguenots]] (French Protestants) settled [[Florida]] in 1564, 43 years before [[Virginia|Jamestown]].
*Up to 90 percent of [[Ireland|Irish]] and [[Greece|Greek]] immigrants [ went back home] from America.
=== Related Sites Other external links ===</div><div style="width: 147%; float: left">'''General'''
{| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|-| width="49%" | *[http://www.ahsgrgermanroots.orgcom/ Am. Hist. Soconlinelists. html What Passenger Lists Are Online] overview of Germans from Russia] *[ BLM-GLO Land Patent Index] search homestead applications&nbsp;for immigrant data *[ Castle Garden] immigration search *[ Civil War Soldiers United States and Sailors System] some military records may give hometown *[ Ellis Island Record Search] *[ Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society]&nbsp; *[ Immigrant Ships Transcriber's Guild][]International links including which require payment
| *[ Immigration History Research Center] *[ Library '''Passenger lists and Archives Canada]&nbsp;searches [] *[ National Archives] immigration searches&nbsp; *[ Passenger Ship Lists] *[http://www/ Steamship Passenger Records] *[ Stephen P. Morse]&nbsp;arrival list searches&nbsp; [http://www/] *[ Swenson Swed. Immig. Research Center]&nbsp; *[ WorldVitalRecords] immigration searchesor indexes'''
|}*[ One-Step All New York] Stephen P. Morse's excellent search tool for ALL 1820-1957 New York City passenger arrivals *[ One-Step Ellis Island] explains Stephen P. Morse's various excellent search tools for 1892-1924 New York City arrivals *[ One-Step Castle Garden] links to Stephen P. Morse's various excellent search tools for 1855-1891 New York City arrivals *[ Ellis Island Record Search] Ellis Island's site including search index 1892-1924, manifest images, history, photos and more *[ Castle Garden] index of New York City passenger arrivals 1820-1913 (no images) *[ Immigrant Ships Transcriber's Guild] transcripts and indexes of over 10,000 ships' passenger lists *[ Immigrant Ancestors Project] (BYU) *[ Immigration History Research Center] (Univ of Minn.) *[ WorldVitalRecords] immigration searches *[ Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society]
=== '''Things you can doNational Archives collections''' ===
In order to make this wiki a better research tool, we need your help! Many tasks need to be done*[http://www.collectionscanada.gc. You can help byca/genealogy/022-908-e.html Library and Archives Canada] searches *[http:<br> // National Archives] immigration records catalog
{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|-| *[[Edit a page|Expand an article]] or [[Special:Shortpages|short page]] *[[How '''Other resources likely to author an article in the Wiki|Create a new article]]<br> *[[How to categorize an article|Categorize articles]]<br>list immigrants'''
| *[[Create an external link|Add external links to articles] BLM-GLO Land Patent Index] search homesteads, and other land records by state, applicant's name, or land description *[[Create an internal link|Add internal links to articles]] *Other Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System] about 1/10 of Union soldiers were recent immigrants; some military records may give hometown
|}'''Immigrant Heritage Societies'''
|}*[ American Historical Society of Germans from Russia] chapters, contact info, conventions, contribute to their database, news, products, research materials, services, and village lists. *[ Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center]
{{TIO}} === FamilySearch Historical Record Collections ===
=== FamilySearch Historical Record Collections === An online collection containing this record is located in [] A wiki article describing this collecton in found at: *[,_Northern_Arrival_Manifests_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records) New York, Northern Arrival Manifests (FamilySearch Historical Records)]shows over 1 million cards in [[Soundex]] order for passengers arriving '''north''' of New York City in New York State at Buffalo, Lewiston, Niagra Falls, Rochester, Hogansburg, Malone, Morristown, Nyando, Ogdensburg, Rooseveltown, and Waddington.
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