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'''[[Tracing Immigrants Arrival Obituaries|Country of Arrival Obituaries]].''' Obituaries are an excellent source of biographical information about immigrants. In addition to names and death dates, you can learn about surviving family members, church affiliations, spouses, parents, occupations, burial places, and hometowns in the old country. Even if a place of origin is not given, an obituary may provide additional research clues, such as the date or ship of immigration or traveling companions. Much of this information cannot be found in other sources. For many immigrants, an obituary is the only “biographical sketch” ever written about them.
[[New York, Northern Arrival Manifests (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
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[,_Northern_Arrival_Manifests_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records) New York, Northern Arrival Manifests (FamilySearch Historical Records)]
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