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 P.O. Box 1894 1870=== Saskatchewan Genealogical Society ===
Lorne Street, 2nd Floor, [ Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library]<br> Provincial Office and <br>Library and Research Room 201<br>Location: <br>110 - 1514 11th Avenue<br>Regina SK S4P 0H2<br> Mailing Address: <br>PO Box 1894<br>Regina Saskatchewan S4P 3E1<br>Canada Telephone: 1-306-780-9207<br>Fax: 1-306-780-3615<br>E-mail: [] <br>[ Website]
Regina, SK 54P 2L7Located at the intersection of 11th Avenue and St. John Street (3 blocks east of Broad Street). <br>
CANADA=== Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society ===
[ Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society]<br>P.O. Box 1238<br>1860 Lorne Street<br> Regina, SK S4P 2L7<br> CANADA<br> Telephone: 306-780-92079204 <br>Fax: 306-781-6021 <br>[ Website]
Fax: 306-781-6021 === The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia ===
Saskatchewan History [ The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia]<br>Regina and Folklore SocietyDistrict Chapter<br> P.O. Box 188 <br>Pilot Butte, SK S0G 3Z0 <br>CANADA <br>[ Website]<br>
P=== Museums Association of Saskatchewan ===[http://saskmuseums.Oorg/ Museums Association of Saskatchewan]<br>1808 Smith Street <br>Regina, SK S4P 2N3 <br>CANADA <br>Telephone: 306-780-9279 <br>Fax: 306-359-6758 <br>[http://saskmuseums. Box 1238org/ Website]<br>
1860 Lorne Street
Regina, SK S4P 2L7{{Saskatchewan}}
CANADA Telephone[[Category: 306-780-9204 Fax: 306-781-6021  The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Regina and District Chapter P.O. Box 188 Pilot Butte, SK S0G 3Z0 CANADA  Museums Association of Saskatchewan 1808 Smith Street Regina, SK S4P 2N3 CANADA Telephone: 306-780-9279 FaxCanada]] [[Category: 306-359-6758Canada Societies]]
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