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   Appendix 4: Memorandum on the Records of the Land Judge of Chancery: Catalog of the Records by the names of the holding judges.
   Appendix 5: Samples from a 9 volume report being transferred relating to acts of settlement and proceedings under those acts - NAMES  
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Abstract of the Decrees of the Court of Claims for the Tryall of Innocents - NAMES
Jan 1662: Mary, relict of Walter Usher of Dublin (p. 42)
Warrens are listed among these.
Name Index of the Decrees begins on p. 84 - No Holmes, no McCaw, no Gifford
   Appendix 6: Landed Estates Court Records
   Appendix 7: Changes in Places of Deposit of Parochial Records
<u>Appendix to the 20th Report of the Deputy Keeper of Records (May 1888)</u>
<u></u>&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 1: Statement
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 2: Warrant for removal to the Public Record Office of Ireland the records of the Queen's Bench Common Pleas Division of the High Court of Justice
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 4: Statement
&nbsp;&nbsp; Appendix 5: Acquisitions - 17th Century - NAMES<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Orders on Process 1644-1649<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Assessments and Assignments 1648-1649<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Court Records - NAMES<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; p. 29: Lady Grace Talbot (1661) <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Warrant for Removal to the Public Records Office - Original &nbsp;Charter of the Hospital and &nbsp; &nbsp; Free School of King Charles the Second, Dublin.&nbsp;<br>
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