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Germany Newspapers

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You can use German local newspapers to inquire for genealogical help in your ancestor's town. However, you may have a better response if you use a local genealogical society periodical rather than a general newspaper. The following is a current newspaper directory for Germany:
Newspapers printed during your ancestor's lifetime may contain birth or marriage notices. Death notices and war casualties are especially common in old German papers. Death notices typically list birth and death dates and burial places. Sometimes they list the birth place or immediate family members. Since few indexes are available, you must know the approximate date of the newspaper to search. Newspapers became more common in Germany after 1855, when a tax on paper was lifted.
The Family History Library has virtually&nbsp;no German newspapers. A few related items may be found in the Place Search of the catalog under the name of the town or state and the topic NEWSPAPERS. For example, copies of the ''Augsburgisches Intelligenz-Blatt''&nbsp;1797-1827 and the ''Intelligenz-Blatt und Wochentlicher Anzeiger von Augsburg 1827-1899'' can be located in the;columns=*,0,0 Place Search  {{dead link}} of the ''Family History Library Catalog'' under '''Germany, Bayern, Augsburg - Newspapers'''. The ''Amts-Blatt der Koenigl. Bayer. Stadt Augsburg'' 1900-1917 is listed under '''Germany, Bayern - Newspapers'''.<ref>"Newspapers, Unique Sources for German Family and Local History, Part II," ''[;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;referer=brief_results German Genealogical Digest]'', 3 (1987): No. 4.</ref> To find newspapers in German repositories, use this source:
*Hagelweide, Gert, ed. ''[ Deutsche Zeitungsbestände in Bibliotheken und Archiven = German newspapers in librairies and archives]'' Düsseldorf: Droste, [1974] (FHL book 943 B3h.) This book covers the years 1700 to 1969, citing 2,018 papers from 222 towns and stored at 579 German and foreign repositories. It does not list every paper ever published, but it is still an excellent list.
A helpful website for some digitized newspapers can be found here [ digitized newspapers] Another German Newspaper [ Wochenschau] can be found here. [ German Newspaper databank]
Another website for newspapers comes from Aachen and can be located at this link:&nbsp; [].<br>
=== German Immigrant Newspapers In most places where Germans settled around the world, they published a German-interest newspaper. ===
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