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Established in 1949, it covers the following agencies: [[Great Lakes Indian Agency (Wisconsin)|Great Lakes]], [[Michigan Indian Agency|Michigan]], [[Minnesota Indian Agency (Minnesota)|Minnesota]], [[Red Lake Indian Agency (Minnesota)|Red Lake]], and [[Sac and Fox Indian Field Office (Iowa)|Sac and Fox ]]Field Office. Some of its records (1909-1952) are in the [ National Archives Central Plains Region] in Kansas City.<br>
Census and School Records, 1938-1950. FHL film: 1002783
'''Bureau of Indian Affairs (Muskogee Area Office)'''<br>101 N. 5<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;<br>St. Muskogee, OK 74401 <br>Telephone: 918-687-2296 <br>Fax: 918-687-2571
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