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This Czech Republic Letter Writing Guide and the [[Slovakia Letter Writing Guide]] are is for researchers who do not speak Czech but must write to the Czech Republic for genealogical records. It includes a form you could use in requesting genealogical records. Click [ here] for the PDF version of the Czech and Slovak Letter-Writing Guide.  Czech vital records are presently beeing digitized and some are already available online. Please check the Family History Library Catalog for records' availability before you write to the Czech Republic. If the records you want are not available through the Family History Library, then you can make your request to the Czech Republic Administration of Archives of the Ministry of Interior. If you do not know which archive holds the records of your ancestors, send your request to the address given in the letter-writing guide. If you know which archive holds the registers that you need, your request for research may be sent to the appropriate archive in the Czech Republic. Czech archives are accustomed to mail inquiries. If the form does not meet your needs, you may write a letter in English. Thus requests for heraldry can be presented, as well as requests for personal research in the archives.  Because archivists are busy with their assigned duties, availability to process a request for research varies with each archive. Do not send money with the initial request. When the research is completed you will be notified by the archive. They will advise you of the research fee and request payment before sending you the report. They will also provide instructions on how to make your payment.  The success of your genealogical research depends on the accuracy of the information you provide. Please provide any and all information that could help identify the person you are searching for. Please note that your request will be rejected if you do not provide the exact place of origin. Also, if your research concerns some large city such as Bratislava, it is recommended to specify in what part of the city the person being searched for was born, married or died.
Follow these six steps when requesting genealogical records from the Czech Republic:
Step#2 '''Fill out and mail your application.'''
*Click above on the Czech and Slovak Letter -Writing Guide link.
*Read instructions on how to request genealogical research.
*Fill out an application from the pages 4-5.
*Important! Specify your limit on research charges.
*Enclose photocopies of any old documents that you may have
*Mail to the address listed at the top of your application.
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