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The Wisconsin Historical Society Library has one of the largest genealogical collections in the United States. Their subject card catalog indexes many genealogical sources. You may wish to write to them to request a search of the catalog for the name of a specific ancestor in whom you are interested. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope with any request. They are not able to do extensive searches for an entire surname.
There are many family genealogies contained in county history books. The Wisconsin State Genealogical Society is publishing book indexes to these county histories. The Family History Library has about fifty of these indexes. They are listed under WISCONSIN - [COUNTY] - HISTORY. You can write to the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society to order these indexes. The address is given above in the "[[Wisconsin Archives and Libraries" section of this outline]].
Especially helpful sources are:
'''French-Canadian Families.''' A helpful source for French-Canadian ancestors who emigrated to Wisconsin is Paul J. Lareau and Elmer Courteau, ''French-Canadian Families of the North Central States: A Genealogical Dictionary'', 8 vols. St. Paul, Minnesota: Northwest Territory French and Canadian Heritage Institute, 1980. (Family History Library book [*,0,0 973 D2la]; fiche [*%2C0%2C0&titleno=326229&disp=French-Canadian+families+of+the+north+++ 6010503-11].)
See the "[[Wisconsin Biography|Biography]]" section in this outline for additional sources for family genealogies.<br>
See also [ A Guide To Printing Your Family History]
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