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|name = United States Historical Record Collections
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|title = '''[[United States]] [[FamilySearch Historical Record Collections|Historical Record Collections]]'''
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|liststyle = background: #FAF5FFFFFFFF; text-align: center;|list1 = Census Records <div>{{nowrap|[[FamilySearch Historical Record Collections|'''FamilySearch Historical Record Collections''']]{{·}}}}<center>{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules 1790–1840 (FamilySearch Historical Pension & Military Records)|Census 1790-1840]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Mortality Schedule, 1850 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1850]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1860 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1860]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1870 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1870]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1880 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1880]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1890 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1890]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1900 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1900]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules 1910 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1910]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules 1920 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1920]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Census Population Schedules, 1930 (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Census 1930]]{{·}}}}</center>
{{nowrap|[[United States Index to General Correspondence of the Record and Pension Office (FamilySearch Historical Records)|General Correspondence of the Record and Pension Office]]{{·}}}}
{{nowrap|[[United States Naval Enlistment Registers, Weekly Returns (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Naval Enlistment Registers, Weekly Returns]]{{·}}}}
{{nowrap|[[United States Navy Widows' Certificates (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Navy Widows' Certificates]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States, Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Revolutionary War Army Compiled Service Records]]{{·}}}}{{nowrap|[[United States Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files]]{{·}}}}
{{nowrap|[[United States, Union Provost Marshal%27s File of Papers Relating to Individual Civilians (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Union Provost Marshal's File of Papers Relating to Individual Civilians]]{{·}}}}
Some Vital Records
{{nowrap|[[United States Social Security Death Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Social Security Death Index]]{{·}}}}
{{nowrap|[[United States Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)|United States Vital Records Index]]{{·}}}}
Draft Records
{{nowrap|[[United States World War I Draft Records]]{{·}}}}
{{nowrap|[[United States World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards (FamilySearch Historical Records)|World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards]]}}
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