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====Orphan Out-migration====
*From about 1854–1929, some '''100,000 homeless children from New York City''' were "placed out" to families in upstate New York and the midwestern states. They are frequently referred to as the [ '''orphan train children''']. New York agencies that have records are: *'''''New York Children's Aid Society''''' (organized in 1853):Adoption and Foster Home Division:150 East 45th Street:New York, NY 10017
New York agencies that have records are::Telephone*'''New York Children's Aid Society'''<br>Adoption and Foster Home Division<br>150 East 45th Street<br>New York, NY 10017<br>Phone: 212-949-4800::<br>Fax: 212-682-8016::Internet: <br>[]<br>(Organized in 1853)*'''''New York Foundling Hospital (Catholic)''''' (organized in 1869 and began placing out children in 1873):<br>590 Avenue of the Americas:<br>New Y:orkYork, NY 10011 ::Telephone<br>Phone: 212-633-9300::<br>Fax: 212-886-4048<br>[ Website]<br>(Organized in 1869 and began placing out children in 1873)<br>::[http://wwwdlib.orphantraindepotnyu.comedu/NYFHHistoryfindingaids/html/nyhs/foundling/bioghist.html '''Website'''Guide to the Records of the New York Foundling Hospital]
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