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'''''Online Indexes and Biographies'''''
* [ Appanoose County, Iowa Biographies Project] at RootsWeb — links to biographies and local histories<br>
* [ ''Biographical and genealogical history of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa''] at Ancestry] ($)
* [ ''Biographical and historical record of Wayne and Appanoose Counties, Iowa: containing portraits of all the presidents of the United States from Washington to Cleveland'']. Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Company, 1886; at Ancestry ($); and at [ Archive]
* The Iowa Press Association. Appanoose County's leaders in [ ''Who's Who in Iowa, a Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life.'']] Des Moines, IA: Iowa Press Association, 1940; at Appanoose County IAGenWeb page.
* Lewis, S. Thompson. [ ''Biographical and Genealogical History of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa.'']. New York Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1903; at Internet Archive.
* [ Who's Who in 1940] at Appanoose County IAGenWeb page.
'''''Additional Biographies'''''<br>
* Centerville: ''Oral interviews in Centerville, Iowa, conducted on 13 October 1981'', with John Buban, Charles Cortesio, Charles Fox and Joe Padavich.
* Mystic: ''Oral interviews in Mystic, Iowa, conducted in 1981'', with John and Jennie Ducey, Marcel Gerard, and John Kuchan.
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