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*To view present-day Belarus at Google Maps, click [,27.949219&spn=11.721718,33.815918&sll=40.379214,-111.733668&sspn=0.11769,0.264187&hnear=Belarus&t=m&z=6 here].
*For a map showing the percentage of Jews in the Pale of Settlement and Congress Poland, c. 1905, click [,_c._1905.png here].
*To view an additional historical map showing the historical percentage of Jews in governments, click [ here]. Definition of "Pale of Settlement" from []: The Pale of Settlement (Russian: Черта́ осе́длости, chertá osédlosti, Yiddish: דער תּחום-המושבֿ, der tkhum-ha-moyshəv, Hebrew: תְּחוּם הַמּוֹשָב, tḥùm ha-mosháv‎) was the term given to a region of Imperial Russia in which permanent residency by Jews was allowed and beyond which Jewish permanent residency was generally prohibited. It extended from the eastern pale, or demarcation line, to the western Russian border with the Kingdom of Prussia (later the German Empire) and with Austria-Hungary. The English term "pale" is derived from the Latin word "palus", a stake, extended to mean the area enclosed by a fence or boundary.
The '''[ Еврейские Корни (Jewish Roots)]''' site is an excellent resource to help you locate archival documents. The website is in Russian, but if you are using the Google Chrome browser, siimply right click anywhere on the page and select ''Translate to English.'' Search using the name of the town (find the Cyrillic spelling of the town on [ JewishGen Town Finder]) to see what archival records might be available for your location. In addition to the database, use the '''[ Forum]''' to connect with other researchers and find other potential resources for your location.
==== Archives of Belarus ====
*View the Archives of Belarus home page by clicking [ '''here''']. Includes a "Contacts" link.
*Discover over 50 web pages of Jewish information available online at the Archives of Belarus by clicking [ '''here'''] to search. Follow up by starting a search for the word '''"Jewish"''' and clicking the '''"Search"''' button.
== Reading Records ==
Belarusian Jewish records are most commonly written in Russian or Hebrew. Use the resources in this list to help you learn how to read the records. You may also consider using a free translation service such as the [ '''FamilySearch Community'''] (Be sure to post in the Russian Empire Genealogy Research group or tag ''@RussianEmpireGenealogyResearch'' in your question) or [ '''JewishGen View Mate.''']
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