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=== Medical Records ===
For medical information about volunteer soldiers who fought in the Mexican war, consult the National Archives series, "Carded Medical Records of Volunteer Soldiers in the Mexican and Civil Wars, compiled 1846 - 1865" found in [ Record Group (RG) 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 17862-1984, entry 534]. These cards relate to volunteers admitted to hospitals for treatment and may include information such as name; rank; organization; complaint; date of admission; hospital to which admitted; and date returned to duty, deserted, discharged, sent to general generaRegister of Clothing Accounts and Hospital Records, 1861 - 1862]l hospital, furloughed, or died. This series is arranged by state, thereunder by the number of the regiment (cavalry, infantry, and artillery are filed together under the common regiment number) and then by initial letter of surname.
'''National Archives Related Sources'''
*[ Carded Service Records of Hospital Attendants, Matrons and Nurses, 1861 - 1865. NAID 655658]
*[ List of Female Nurses, Cooks, and Laundresses Employed in Army Hospitals During the Civil War. NAID 28277783]
*[ Register of Clothing Accounts and Hospital Records, 1861 - 1862. NAID 2602371]
*[ Indexes to Records of Civil War Hospitals, 1882 - 1882. NAID 2602360]
*[ Field Record of Hospitals, 1821 -1912. NAID 655731]
*[ Guides to Civil War Hospitals, 1888 - 1888. NAID 2602363]
*[ Register of Patients at a Convalescent Camp at Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1914 - 1914. NAID 2602366]
''' Related Family History Library Holdings'''
*[ Newton Allen Strait. ''Roster of All Regimental Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons.. Washington,D.C.: N.A.Strait, 1882 FHL Digital Images]
*[ ''Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion,'' 6 vols. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1870-1873 reprint Wilmington,North Carolina: Broadfoot Pub. Co., 1990-1991. FHL 973 M2msh]
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