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Text replacement - "*'''Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten Records:''' (free, online lessons at FamilySearch): **{{LearningCenter2|58|Lesson 1: '''Scandinavian Gothic Letters'''}}, **{{LearningCenter2|59|Lesson 2: '''Names, Words, and Dates'''}}, and **{{LearningCenter2|60|Lesson 3: '''Handwritten Records'''}}<br>" to "*'''FamilySearch Online Lessons - Reading Scandinavian Handwriting:''' **[ Scandinavian Handwr...
:*[ '''Birth and Christening Records for Swedish Genealogy''']
*'''FamilySearch Online Lessons - Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten RecordsHandwriting:''' (free, online lessons at FamilySearch):**{{LearningCenter2|58|Lesson 1[https: '''// Scandinavian Gothic Letters'''}},Handwriting]**{{LearningCenter2|59|Lesson 2[https: '''Names// Scandinavian Handwriting, Words, and Dates'''}}, andpart 3]**{{LearningCenter2|60|Lesson 3: '''Handwritten Records'No part 2 available''}}<br>
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