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Help them see the bigger picture of the value of family history. Once they see interesting artifacts relating to their family history or hear family history stories, they will see how serious you are and may become motivated enough to help you.
=== Asking For Help ===
Don’t be shy about asking for help, but be sensitive to people’s individual circumstances. They may have a desire to do help, but present circumstances may now allow for time or financial assistance. They may respond readily to a simple request for help from you, especially if your request is specific. Help them see that there are many ways they can help and that their contributions will make a difference. Use the list you’ve created to coordinate their talents and resources. Guide them as they help you. Their success in a simple task might lead to a desire to be more involved. Be willing to trade labor. You could mow someone’s yard or tend their children while they do something that you need to have done.
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