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[[File:Dennis Bretz.jpg | 200px 150px | left]]
My name is Dennis Bretz and I am a Wiki Support Missionary.
I retired from being a software engineer (35 years) and a High School Computer Science and Math teacher (10 years). As a software engineer, Dilbert is clearly a documentary - but some people see it as a comic strip.</p>
I have a BA in Mathematics from Arizona State University.</p><p>I grew up in a town in West Texas with 900 people. The closest McDonald's was 90 miles away. The closest red/yellow/green traffic light was 60 miles away. People in our town used to travel just to have their picture taken with that traffic light in the background.</p> 
I have lived in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and now Kansas for the last 28 years. I reside in Lenexa, Kansas - a suburb of Kansas City (and home of the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs).</p>
<p>In retirement, I mostly enjoy not mowing the lawn and not raking leaves. I especially enjoy not shoveling snow. I tried shoveling rain, but I apparently wasn't doing it right.</p>
<p>I read a lot, I'm working on a novel, and I laugh in the face of danger.</p>
<br><br>I am thrilled to be working as a Wiki Support Missionary. I am grateful to have for the opportunity to serve our Savior.
{{Wiki MTC graduate}}
Moderator, Reviewer, editor, pagecreator


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