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A search for German newspapers published in German in Iowa brings up numerous titles with the publication places and dates. Many newspapers were only published for a few years. The full entry also includes other details: intended audience, alternate titles, political editorial line etc., and which libraries have copies. Some of these publications can be accessed on the Chronicling America website.
=== Search Engines ===
Search engines like can be used to find out which newspapers existed for a given town and time period. For instance, a search for “Zeitung Görlitz 1825” brought up references to two newspapers available online, the “Görlitzer Anzeiger” and the “Oberlausitzische Fama”. The Anzeiger was more of an official paper, while the other also included entertainment and short news items.
Increasingly, online newspapers are text searchable, so searching for specific names, places, or topics may bring up helpful articles.
This website contains link lists for several types of newspapers, including government news bulletins and regular news.
* Government newspapers list all kinds of official business, along with the names of the parties involved. They may include names of young men who failed to show up for muster, legal and illegal emigrants, probate notices, and more. The WikiSource pages for many German states include links to digitized government newspapers.
* The link list titled “''[ Amtsblätter der preussischen Bezirksregierungen]''” (Official papers of the Prussian regional governments) includes links to various 19<sup>th</sup> Century online editions of official papers from most regional capital cities. The lists keep on growing, and better search engines yield many a fortuitous find. These types of papers often include lists of people intending to emigrate and of young men who did not appear for muster.
* The link list titled “[ Gesetzblätter]” (law newspapers) provides a link list of digitized papers listing the published laws, decrees, ordinances etc. These can provide helpful background information for a family history. It is very interesting to learn about local “Ordnungen”, which may include rather detailed directives on which types of fabrics are permitted for each social class, rules about weddings and other celebrations or gatherings (how many guests, appropriate foods etc.), requirements for inheritances, gaining personal freedom (manumission) etc.* For links to lists of digitized newspapers, see the lists provided in the German WikiSource article ''“[ Zeitung”]'' [ (newspaper)] and the associated web links near the bottom of the article.
===Libraries and Archives===
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