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Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation<br>420 Howanut Road, P.O. Box 536<br>Oakville, WA 98568<br>Ph. 360-273-5911<br>FAX 360-273-5914
*Official [ Chehalis Tribal web site]
== History ==
==== Brief Timeline ====
1788:&nbsp; John Meares explores Shoalwater Bay
1830: epidemics depopulate the tribe.&nbsp; The Lower Chehalis merge with the Chinook and the Upper Chehalis with the Suwal.
1846: Treaty of Washington
1855: Govenor Isaac Stevens arrives in Washington
1864:&nbsp; Chehalis reservation established 1866:&nbsp; Shoalwater Bay Reservation established  1960: federal recognition of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
1866:&nbsp; Shoalwater Bay Reservation established==== Reserevations ====
1960: federal recognition of the Confederated Tries of the Chehalis Reservation
==== Reserevations ====[[Shoalwater_Indian_Reservation_(Washington)|Shoalwater Bay Reservation]]
==== Additional References to the History of the Tribe ====
'''Correspondence and Census'''
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