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1. You will learn some exciting ways you can do Family History on the go, wherever you have cell coverage. 2. Only have a few minutes to devote to family history? See how much you can get done in 5 minutes. 3. Make the most out of preserving those precious memories.
The classes repeat every three weeks. Click the register link for the class you would like to attend and select the date preferred. You will need to register for each class separately.:*Thu - 09through 11/17 19 – Week 1 - Connect Belong Using Mobile Devices - [ Click to register.]:*Thu - 09through 12/24 03 – Week 2 - 5 Minute Family History Ideas - [ Click to register.]:*Thu - through 12/10/01 – Week 3 - Scanning, Organizing and Preserving Memories - [ Click to register.]
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