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*[ Parish Registers of the Dutch Reformed Christian Church, United States, 1856 to 1970], index and images, ($).
*[ '''Brethren in Christ Membership Directory 1880''']*[ '''Brethren in Christ Membership Directory 1886''']*[ '''Brethren in Christ Membership Directory 1903''']
*[ Mennonite Immigrants]
*[ Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association Databases]
*[ The Canadian Quaker Genealogical Index]
*[ Online Transcriptions of Quaker Meeting Minutes]
*[ '''Digital Quaker Collection''']
*[ Canada, Quaker Meeting Records, 1786-1988], index and images, at ($).
*[ U.S. and Canada, Quaker Yearly Meeting Annual Reports, 1808-1930], index and images, at ($).
*[ The Loyalists Of America and Their Times From 1620 To 1816], ($), index
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<center>[[Canada History|'''History''']]</center>
*[ History of the Settlement of Upper Canada], ($), index/images
*[ Canadian Immigrant Records, Part Two] ($)
*[ Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s] ($)<br><br>
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<center>[[Canada Emigration and Immigration|'''Immigration Records continued''']]</center>
*[ Canada, Seafarers of the Atlantic Provinces, 1789-1935], ($), index
*[ Canada, Immigration and Settlement Correspondence and Lists, 1817-1896], ($), index/images
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