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=== Introduction ===
Maps provide place-names relating to primary source documents which genealogists use to trace ancestry. There are three main avenues of research to guide genealogists, they are the names of their ancestors, the dates or date ranges of main events in the lives of their ancestors, and the associated place-names where those events occurred. <BR><BR>
:'''Saskatchewan Archives Board - Regina Office'''<br> University of Regina<br> 3303 Hillsdale Street NOTE moving to 2440 Broad Street<br>''Mailing Address:''<br>P.O. Box 1665<br>Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3C6<br>Telephone: 306-787-4068
: CLOSED '''Saskatchewan Archives Board - Saskatoon Office'''<br> All branches of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan are closed, and all the record holdings are now located in the City of Regina
==== Library and Archives Canada ====
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