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Hoole, Lancashire Genealogy

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==== Taxation ====
*'''1628''' - {{FSbook|983467|disp=1628 Subsidy of Much Hoole}} . (p. 166)<ref name="ear">J.P. Earwaker, ''Three Lancashire Subsidy Rolls, viz., for the Hundred of Salford, 1541, the Hundred of Salford, 1622 and the Hundred of Leyland, 1628, Together with a Recusant Roll for the Hundred of Leyland, in 1628'' (London: Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1885). Digital version at {{FSbook|983467}} : [ freeroll-for-the-hundred-of-leyland-in-1628-vol-12?offset=1 FamilySearch Digital Library].</ref>
*'''1628''' - {{FSbook|983467|disp=1628 Subsidy of Little Hoole}} . Digital version at [ FamilySearch Digital Library] (p. 167)<ref name="ear" />
*'''1665''' - Lancashire Hearth Tax: Leyland Hundred, Much Hoole. [ E 179/132/351], The National Archives. Microfilm: {{FHL|988765|item|disp=FHL Film 2228692}}.
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