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Tracing Immigrant Origins

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*More than 3/4 of American colonists arrived as [ indentured servants], [ convicts] or [[African American Slavery and Bondage|slaves]].
*The U.S. National Archives has both [ Canadian] and [ Mexican] border crossing records.
*Library and Archives Canada has [http aspx border crossing records] of Americans into Canada.
*Some American colonists had their [ last will and testament sent back to England] for probate.
*Up to 90 percent of [[Ireland|Irish]] and [[Greece|Greek]] immigrants [ went back home] from America.
'''National Archives collections'''
*[http aspx Library and Archives Canada] 15 Canadian immigrant name indexes, passenger lists before 1865, 1865-1935, ocean arrivals 1919-1924, border entries 1919-1924, after 1935, immigrants from Russia, British home children orphan immigrants, passports, and citizenship papers
*[ U.S. National Archives] ship passenger arrival records and land border entries 1800-1819, 1820-1959, links to immigration databases
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