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Berlin, Brandenburg, German Empire Civil Registration

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For Greater Berlin (Standesamt not stated)
====For Greater Berlin (Standesamt not stated) ====
If the directory only gives the street address, use '''these methods''' to find the Standesamt for that street. Also, through growth and annexation, Berlin now includes a much larger metropolitan area, consisting of 12 boroughs and 96 neighborhoods. Some directories might name the neighborhood for the street address.This neighborhood may at one time had its own Standesamt, but many changes and office consolidation make it likely that the records have been moved to a different Standesamt
'''A. When the Directory Address Also States a District/Neighborhood'''<br>
The directory you are using might state one of the neighborhoods (the small jurisdictions in the map above). Also, Google Maps labels these neighborhoods with titles, but without drawn boundaries. Consulting the following lists for the name of the neighborhood can help you determine the current Standesamt that became responsible when the offices were consolidated.
*[ '''Location list for the Berlin registry office in the Landesarchiv Berlin''']
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