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== Online Resources ==
*'''1780-1811''' - [ Valuations, 1780-1811] Massachusetts. General Court. Valuation Committee '''**''' ''(Locked)''
*'''1862-1874''' - {{RecordSearch|2075263|U.S., Internal Revenue Assessment Lists, 1862-1874}} FamilySearch - Images only. ('''Districts listed below''')
*'''1862-1918''' - [ U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918 for Maine] at Ancestry(Free<ref>May be used for free at Family History Center. To locate a center near you, [ click here].</ref>/$)<br><br><br>
{{Tip|'''**''' This item/items To view online images that are ''"locked'' and " (as indicated by key over the camera) you must be viewed visit at a local Family History Center, once there you can click on the link then go to the county you are interested in, click on the camera icon to openor an Affiliate library. To locate a center near you, the nearest one click here: [ Family History Center or a FamilySearch Affiliate Library locatormap] }}
== Why Use Tax Records ==
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