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== How to Use Tax Records for Maine ==
=== County Level ===
'''Books published and/or on film'''<br>
*'''1771''' [ The Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771] Pruitt, Bettye Hobbs, Editor. ''The Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771''. Boston, Massachusetts: G. K. Hall, 1978. ''Besides the Family History Library in Salt Lake click on '''WorldCat''' on the page to find other Copy locations. (also includes an index)''
*'''1798''' [ Massachusetts and Maine Direct Tax Census of 1798] United States. Secretary of the Treasury. ''Massachusetts and Maine Direct Tax Census of 1798''. Cambridge, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1978. ''Films only'' at Family History Library in Salt Lake ''Click on '''WorldCat''' for other locations of these films''<br>
''The original 1798 tax records are at ''<br>
== Tax Laws ==
 Abraham Lincoln instituted the income tax in 1862, and on July 1, 1862, Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act, creating the Bureau of Internal Revenue (later renamed to the Internal Revenue Service). This act was intended to “provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay interest on the Public Debt.” Instituted in the height of the Civil War, the “Public Debt” at the time primarily consisted of war expenses. For the Southern States that were part of the Confederate side of the Civil War, once Union troops took over parts of the Southern States, income tax taxes were instituted on them. <ref>[ Creation of the IRA]</ref>
*To learn more about this Collection click [,_Internal_Revenue_Assessment_Lists_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records) here]
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